Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces

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Show simple item record Altıok, Ozan Can en_US Sezgin, Tev k Metin en_US
dc.contributor.editor Holger Winnemoeller and Lyn Bartram en_US 2017-10-18T08:42:58Z 2017-10-18T08:42:58Z 2017
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-4503-5081-5
dc.identifier.issn -
dc.description.abstract From a user interaction perspective, speech and sketching make a good couple for describing motion. Speech allows easy speci cation of content, events and relationships, while sketching brings in spatial expressiveness. Yet, we have insu cient knowledge of how sketching and speech can be used for motionbased video retrieval, because there are no existing retrieval systems that support such interaction. In this paper, we describe a WizardofOz protocol and a set of tools that we have developed to engage users in a sketch and speechbased video retrieval task. We report how the tools and the protocol t together using ''retrieval of soccer videos'' as a use case scenario. Our so ware is highly customizable, and our protocol is easy to follow. We believe that together they will serve as a convenient and powerful duo for studying a wide range of multimodal use cases. en_US
dc.publisher Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM) en_US
dc.subject Human
dc.subject centered computing
dc.subject Systems and tools for interaction design
dc.subject Empirical studies in HCI
dc.subject sketch
dc.subject based interfaces
dc.subject human
dc.subject centered design
dc.subject motion
dc.subject multimedia retrieval
dc.title Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces en_US
dc.description.seriesinformation Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
dc.description.sectionheaders General Submissions (Abstracts)
dc.identifier.doi 10.1145/3122791.3122801

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