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dc.contributor.authorLiu, Yimingen_US
dc.contributor.authorAgarwala, Aseemen_US
dc.contributor.authorLu, Jingwanen_US
dc.contributor.authorRusinkiewicz, Szymonen_US
dc.contributor.editorPierre Bénard and Holger Winnemölleren_US
dc.description.abstractPictograms (icons) are ubiquitous in visual communication, but creating the best icon is not easy: users may wish to see a variety of possibilities before settling on a final form, and they might lack the ability to draw attractive and effective pictograms by themselves. We describe a system that synthesizes novel pictograms by remixing portions of icons retrieved from a large online repository. Depending on the user's needs, the synthesis can be controlled by a number of interfaces ranging from sketch-based modeling and editing to fully-automatic hybrid generation and scribble-guided montage. Our system combines icon-specific algorithms for salient-region detection, shape matching, and multi-label graph-cut stitching to produce results in styles ranging from line drawings to solid shapes with interior structure.en_US
dc.publisherThe Eurographics Associationen_US
dc.subjectI.3.3 [Computer Graphics]en_US
dc.subjectPicture/Image Generationen_US
dc.titleData-Driven Iconificationen_US
dc.description.seriesinformationNon-Photorealistic Animation and Renderingen_US

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  • NPAR16
    ISBN 978-3-03868-002-4

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