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  • Slusallek, Philipp (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    Since the beginning of computer graphics, one of the primary goals has been to create convincingly realistic images of three-dimensional environments that would be impossible to distinguish from photographs of the real ...
  • Sakas, Georgios; Pommert, Andreas (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    Tomographicmedical imaging techniques have become more popular in recent years. The wide availability of CT,MRI and Ultrasound inmost large hospitals results in a rapidly increasing number of examinations with these devices. ...
  • MacIntyre, Ross (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    SuperJournal is a research project aiming to identify what factors will make electronic journals successful and why. The project brings together some 20 society, university press and commercial publishers, who are providing ...
  • Dévai, Frank (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    The computational requirements of high-quality, real-time rendering exceeds the limits of generally available computing power. However illumination effects, except shadows, are less noticeable on moving pictures. Shadows ...
  • Barfield, Lon (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    The web is a completely new medium and is rapidly taking its place alongside existing media such as television, telephone, CD-ROMS, etc. Any new media requires a new approach to design. How do the advances in the web compare ...
  • Fellner, Dieter W. (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    This presentation covers the general topic of ‘Digital Publishing’ in the context of - the German MEDOC Project and - the German Strategic Digital Library Initiative V3D2 and, more specifically, - in the context of organizing ...

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