Delft, the Netherlands, November 23rd, 2015

Geometry Analysis
Far-LoD: Level of Detail for Massive Sky View Factor Calculations in Large Cities
David Muñoz Novoa, Benoit Beckers, Gonzalo Besuievsky, and Gustavo Patow
Visibility Analysis in a Point Cloud Based on the Medial Axis Transform
Ravi Peters, Hugo Ledoux, and Filip Biljecki
Geometry Creation
Combining Geometry, Topology and Semantics for Generic Building Description and Simulations
Sébastien Horna, Guillaume Damiand, Abdoulaye Diakité, and Daniel Meneveaux
5D Multi-Purpose Land Information System
Charalabos Ioannidis, Styliani Verykokou, Sofia Soile, and Chryssy Potsiou
Automatic Semantic-preserving Conversion Between OBJ and CityGML
Filip Biljecki and Ken Arroyo Ohori
Dynamic Phenomenona
Representing Urban Phenomena in Their Context and at Different LoD: from Raw Data to Appropriate LoD
Ha Pham, A. Ruas, and T. Libourel
Conceptualizing, Managing and Developing: A Web Based 3D City Information Model for Urban Energy Demand Simulation
Rushikesh Padsala, Volker Coors
Dynamizers - Modeling and Implementing Dynamic Properties for Semantic 3D City Models
Kanishk Chaturvedi and Thomas H. Kolbe
On the Acquisition of Human Emotions in Space and Time
Julius Schöning and Corinna E. Bonhage
Who are my Visitors and Where do They Come From? An Analysis Based on Foursquare Check-ins and Place-based Semantics.
P. Hallot, K. Stewart, and Roland Billen
Commercial Evolution Simulation
Carlos Soriano and Gustavo Patow

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