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Cagliari, Italy, May 25 – 29, 2015

A Survey of Multi-faceted Graph Visualization
Steffen Hadlak, Heidrun Schumann, and Hans-Jörg Schulz
The State of the Art in Visualizing Group Structures in Graphs
Corinna Vehlow, Fabian Beck, and Daniel Weiskopf
Graphs and Biomolecules
A Survey of Graph-Based Representations and Techniques for Scientific Visualization
Chaoli Wang
Visualization of Biomolecular Structures: State of the Art
Barbora Kozlikova, Michael Krone, Norbert Lindow, Martin Falk, Marc Baaden, Daniel Baum, Ivan Viola, Julius Parulek, and Hans-Christian Hege
Humanities and Malware
On Close and Distant Reading in Digital Humanities: A Survey and Future Challenges
Stefan Jänicke, Greta Franzini, Muhammad Faisal Cheema, and Gerik Scheuermann
A Survey of Visualization Systems for Malware Analysis
Markus Wagner, Fabian Fischer, Robert Luh, Andrea Haberson, Alexander Rind, Daniel A. Keim, and Wolfgang Aigner
High-dimensional Data
Visualizing High-Dimensional Data: Advances in the Past Decade
Shusen Liu, Dan Maljovec, Bei Wang, Peer-Timo Bremer, and Valerio Pascucci

Recent Submissions

  • Liu, Shusen; Maljovec, Dan; Wang, Bei; Bremer, Peer-Timo; Pascucci, Valerio (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Massive simulations and arrays of sensing devices, in combination with increasing computing resources, have generated large, complex, high-dimensional datasets used to study phenomena across numerous fields of study. ...
  • Wagner, Markus; Fischer, Fabian; Luh, Robert; Haberson, Andrea; Rind, Alexander; Keim, Daniel A.; Aigner, Wolfgang (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Due to the increasing threat from malicious software (malware), monitoring of vulnerable systems is becoming increasingly important. The need to log and analyze activity encompasses networks, individual computers, as well ...
  • Jänicke, Stefan; Franzini, Greta; Cheema, Muhammad Faisal; Scheuermann, Gerik (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    We present an overview of the last ten years of research on visualizations that support close and distant reading of textual data in the digital humanities. We look at various works published within both the visualization ...
  • Wang, Chaoli (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Graphs represent general node-link diagrams and have long been utilized in scientific visualization for data organization and management. However, using graphs as a visual representation and interface for navigating and ...
  • Kozlikova, Barbora; Krone, Michael; Lindow, Norbert; Falk, Martin; Baaden, Marc; Baum, Daniel; Viola, Ivan; Parulek, Julius; Hege, Hans-Christian (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Structural properties of molecules are of primary concern in many fields. This report provides a comprehensive overview on techniques that have been developed in the fields of molecular graphics and visualization with a ...
  • Vehlow, Corinna; Beck, Fabian; Weiskopf, Daniel (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Graph visualizations encode relationships between objects. Abstracting the objects into group structures provides an overview of the data. Groups can be disjoint or overlapping, and might be organized hierarchically. ...
  • Hadlak, Steffen; Schumann, Heidrun; Schulz, Hans-Jörg (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Graph visualization is an important field in information visualization that is centered on the graphical display of graph-structured data. Yet real world data is rarely just graph-structured, but instead exhibits multiple ...
  • Borgo, Rita; Ganovelli, Fabio; Viola, Ivan (Eurographics Association, 2015)