EG UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2005

Dingle, Brent M.; Keyser, John
Keyframing Particles of Physically Based Systems

Coulais, Y.; Ghazanfarpour, D.; Terraz, O.; Thon, S.
Real-Time Animation of Particles and Seaweeds in Underwater Scenes

Froner, Barbara; Holliman, Nick
Implementing an Improved Stereoscopic Camera Model

Rymill, Stephen J.; Dodgson, Neil A.
A Psychologically-Based Simulation of Human Behaviour

Keng, Shih-Ling; Lee, Wang-Yeh; Chuang, Jung-Hong
An Efficient Caching Technique for Rendering Translucent Materials

Reina, G.; Ertl, Thomas
Implementing FastMap on the GPU: Considerations on General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware

Debattista, K.; Sundstedt, V.; Pereira, F.; Chalmers, A.
Selective Parallel Rendering for High-Fidelity Graphics

Zhang, K.; Noble, R. A.; McDermott, R. J.; Wilson, A.
Virtual Sculpting Using Implicit Surfaces with Scattered Data Interpolation

Thorne, Dave; Pettifer, Steve; Attwood, Terri
Integrating Abstract and Physical Molecular Model Interaction

Dunwell, I.; Whelan, J. C.
Perceptually-Oriented Interest Management In Large-Scale Networked Virtual Environments

Yang, X.; Chalmers, A.
Perceptual Level of Detail for Efficient Ray Tracing of Complex Scenes

Gillibrand, Richard; Debattista, Kurt; Chalmers, Alan
Cost Prediction Maps for Global Illumination

Tiddeman, Bernard; Stirrat, Michael; Perrett, David
Towards Realism in Facial Image Prototyping: Results of a Wavelet MRF Method

Liu, J.; Perrin, J.; Turner, M.; Hewitt, W. T.
Perlin Noise and 2D Second-Order Tensor Field Visualization

Clifton, T.
Simulating the Cumulative Effects of Multiple Impacts using 'Fracture Maps'

Cenydd, L. ap; Teahan, W.
Arachnid Simulation: Scaling Arbitrary Surfaces

Walker, Rick; Kenny, Peter; Miao, Jingqi
Visualization of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Astrophysics

Duysak, A.; Zhang, J. J.
Fast Simulation of Facial Tissue Deformations Using Mass-Spring Chain Algorithm

Al-Hudhud, G.; Ayesh, A.; Istance, H.
Simulation and Visualization of a large scale Real Time Multi-Robot system

Lindell, Rikard; Larsson, Thomas
The Data Surface Interaction Paradigm

Liarokapis, F.
Augmented Reality Scenarios for Guitar Learning

Duce, D. A.; Sagar, M.
skML a Markup Language for Distributed Collaborative Visualization

Wright, Michael A. E.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Click and Brush: A Novel Way of Finding Correlations and Relationships in Visualizations

Han, Li; Amicis, Raffaele De; Conti, Giuseppe
Freehand 3D Curve Recognition and Oversketching

Champagne, J.; Tang, W.
Real-time Simulation of Crowds Using Voronoi Diagrams

Flasar, Jan; Pokluda, Ludek; O lej ek, Radek; Kolcárek, Pavel; Sochor, Jirí
VRECKO: Virtual Reality Framework

Pfeiffer, Thies; Weber, Matthias; Jung, Bernhard
Ubiquitous Virtual Reality: Accessing Shared Virtual Environments through Videoconferencing Technology