SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1997

Schilling, Andreas
Towards Real-Time Photorealistic Rendering: Challenges and Solutions

Chiueh, Tzi-cker; Lin, Wei-jen
Characterization of Static 3D Graphics Workloads

Cox, Michael; Bhandari, Narendra
Architectural Implications of Hardware-Accelerated Bucket Rendering on the PC

Murk, William R.; Bishop, Gary
Memory Access Patterns of Occlusion-Compatible 3D Image Warping

Kilgard, Mark J.
Realizing OpenGL: Two Implementations of One Architecture

Eyles, John; Molnar, Steven; Poulton, John; Greer, Trey; Lastra, Anselmo; England, Nick; Westover, Lee
PixelFlow: The Realization

Chiueh, Tzi-cker
Heresy: A Virtual Image-Space 3D Rasterization Architecture

Barkans, Anthony C.
High Quality Rendering Using the Talisman Architecture

Olano, Marc; Greer, Trey
Triangle Scan Conversion using 2D Homogeneous Coordinates

Anderson, Bruce; MacAulay, Rob; Stewart, Andy; Whitted, Turner
Accommodating Memory Latency In A Low-cost Rasterizer

Ewins, Jon P.; L.Watten, Phil; White, Martin; McNeill, Michael D. J.; Lister, Paul F.
Codesign Of Graphics Hardware Accelerators

Lichtenbelt, Barthold
Design Of A High Performance Volume Visualization System

Bitter, Ingmar; Kaufman, Arie
A Ray-Slice-Sweep Volume Rendering Engine

Osborne, Rändy; Pfister, Hanspeter; Lauer, Hugh; McKenzie, Neil; Gibson, Sarah; Hiatt, Wally; Ohkarni, TakaHide
EM-Cube: An Architecture for Low-Cost Real-Time Volume Rendering

Knittel, Günter; Straßer, Wolfgang
VIZARD - Visualization Accelerator for Realtime Display