EuroVis 2022 - Short Papers 2022

Agus, Marco; Aigner, Wolfgang; Hoellt, Thomas
EuroVis 2022 Short Papers: Frontmatter

Ware, Colin; Kastrisios, Christos
Evaluating Countable Texture Elements to Represent Bathymetric Uncertainty

Bäuerle, Andreas; Brath, Richard; El-Assady, Mennatallah
How Effective are Uni- and Multivariate Typographic Encodings? Studying the Usage of FontWeight, Oblique Angle, and Spacing

Suh, Ashley; Mosca, Ab; Robinson, Shannon; Pham, Quinn; Cashman, Dylan; Ottley, Alvitta; Chang, Remco
Inferential Tasks as an Evaluation Technique for Visualization

Schlieder, Antonia; Wimmer, Philipp; Sadlo, Filip
Face-Based Glyphs Revisited

Alallah, Fouad; Faleel, Shariff; Sakamoto, Yumiko; Rey, Bradley; Irani, Pourang
SSCA: Situated Space-time Cube Analytics

Kypridemou, Elektra; Zito, Michele; Bertamini, Marco
The Effect of Graph Layout on the Perception of Graph Density: An Empirical Study

Mchedlidze, Tamara; Schnorr, Christian
Metaphoric Maps for Dynamic Vertex-weighted Graphs

Abuthawabeh, Ala; Baggag, Abdelkader; Aupetit, Michael
Augmented Intelligence with Interactive Voronoi Treemap for Scalable Grouping: a Usage Scenario with Wearable Data

Cai, Shijun; Meidiana, Amyra; Hong, Seok-Hee
DNC: Dynamic Neighborhood Change Faithfulness Metrics

Meidiana, Amyra; Hong, Seok-Hee; Pu, Yanyi; Lee, Justin; Eades, Peter; Seo, Jinwook
DSS: Drawing Dynamic Graphs with Spectral Sparsification

Whilden, Allison; Karis, Dirk; Setlur, Vidya; Degtyar, Rodion; Que, Jonathan; Lymperopoulos, Filippos
Blocks: Creating Rich Tables with Drag-and-Drop Interaction

Enge, Kajetan; Rind, Alexander; Iber, Michael; Höldrich, Robert; Aigner, Wolfgang
Towards Multimodal Exploratory Data Analysis: SoniScope as a Prototypical Implementation

Liu, Liqun; Vuillemot, Romain
GROUPSET: A Set-Based Technique to Explore Time-Varying Data

Palmeiro, João; Malveiro, Beatriz; Costa, Rita; Polido, David; Moreira, Ricardo; Bizarro, Pedro
Data+Shift: Supporting Visual Investigation of Data Distribution Shifts by Data Scientists

Bodria, Francesco; Rinzivillo, Salvatore; Fadda, Daniele; Guidotti, Riccardo; Giannotti, Fosca; Pedreschi, Dino
Explaining Black Box with Visual Exploration of Latent Space

Kwon, Bum Chul; Lee, Jungsoo; Chung, Chaeyeon; Lee, Nyoungwoo; Choi, Ho-Jin; Choo, Jaegul
DASH: Visual Analytics for Debiasing Image Classification via User-Driven Synthetic Data Augmentation

Xing, Yiwen; Dondi, Cristina; Borgo, Rita; Abdul-Rahman, Alfie
A Design Study of Visualizing Historical Book Movement

Yousef, Tariq; Jänicke, Stefan
Visual Evaluation of Translation Alignment Data

Bunks, Carey; Weyde, Tillman; Slingsby, Aidan; Wood, Jo
Visualization of Tonal Harmony for Jazz Lead Sheets

Li, Weimin; Zhang, Xiang; Stern, Alan; Birtwistle, Marc; Iuricich, Federico
CellTrackVis: Analyzing the Performance of Cell Tracking Algorithms

Bao, Xueyi; Karthikeyan, Nikhil; Schiller, Ulf D.; Iuricich, Federico
Application-oriented Analysis of Material Interface Reconstruction Algorithms in Time-varying Bijel Simulations