Nazemi, Kawa
Adaptive Semantics Visualization

Campen, Marcel
Quad Layouts – Generation and Optimization of Conforming Quadrilateral Surface Partitions

Guerrero, Paul
Edit Propagation using Geometric Analogies

Frey, Steffen
Strategies for efficient parallel visualization

Scheiblauer, Claus
Interactions with Gigantic Point Clouds

Beacco, Alejandro
Simulation, Animation and Rendering of Crowds in Real-Time

Braun, Andreas
Application and validation of capacitive proximity sensing systems in smart environments

Kurz, Christian
Constrained Camera Motion Estimation and 3D Reconstruction

Miguel, Eder
Measurement-Based Model Estimation for Deformable Objects

Rousselle, Fabrice
Image Space Adaptive Rendering

Federico, Iuricich
Multi-resolution shape analysis based on discrete Morse decompositions

Boitard, Ronan
Temporal Coherency in Video Tone Mapping

Ceylan, Duygu
Computational Shape Understanding for 3D Reconstruction and Modeling

Gasteiger, Rocco
Visual Exploration of Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

Günther, Johannes
Ray tracing of dynamic scenes

Jain, Arjun
Data-driven methods for interactive visual content creation and manipulation

Kahn, Svenja
Precise Depth Image Based Real-Time 3D Difference Detection

Kan, Peter
High-Quality Real-Time Global Illumination in Augmented Reality

Livesu, Marco
Understanding the Structure of 3D Shapes: PolyCubes and Curve-Skeletons

Reshetouski, Ilya
Kaleidoscopic imaging

von Tycowicz, Christoph
Concepts and Algorithms for the Deformation, Analysis, andCompression of Digital Shapes

Wu, Chenglei
Inverse rendering for scene reconstruction in general environments