Eurographics 2005 - Education Papers 2005

Marti, E.; Gil, D.; Julia, C.
A PBL Experience in the Teaching of Computer Graphics

Ullrich, T.; Fellner, Dieter W.
Computer Graphics Courseware

Pasko, A.; Adzhiev, V.; Goto, Y.; Vilbrandt, C.
Function-based Shape Modeling Framework in Multilevel Education

Zara, J.
Virtual Reality Course - A Natural Enrichment of Computer Graphics Classes

Monahan, T.; McArdle, G.; Bertolotto, M.
Using 3D Graphics for Learning and Collaborating Online

Salgado, Luis; Bescos, Jesus; Moran, Francisco; Cabrera, Julian; Estalayo, Enrique; Cubero, Jose
Efficient Architecture for Low-Cost Adaptive 3D Graphics-Based E-Learning Applications

Brown, Judith R.; Cunningham, Steve; Hansmann, Werner; McGrath, Michael B.
Visual Learning for Science and Engineering