Computer Graphics Forum 2014 / CGF 33 - 1 


Sharf, Andrei; Huang, Hui; Liang, Cheng; Zhang, Jiapei; Chen, Baoquan; Gong, Minglun
Mobility‐Trees for Indoor Scenes Manipulation

Li, C.; Willis, P. J.; Brown, M.
Appearance Stylization of Manhattan World Buildings

Jönsson, Daniel; Sundén, Erik; Ynnerman, Anders; Ropinski, Timo
A Survey of Volumetric Illumination Techniques for Interactive Volume Rendering

Stojaković, V.; Popov, S.; Tepavčević, B.
Visualization of the Centre of Projection Geometrical Locus in a Single Image

Kravtsov, Denis; Fryazinov, Oleg; Adzhiev, Valery; Pasko, Alexander; Comninos, Peter
Controlled Metamorphosis Between Skeleton‐Driven Animated Polyhedral Meshes of Arbitrary Topologies

Kustra, J.; Jalba, A.; Telea, A.
Robust Segmentation of Multiple Intersecting Manifolds from Unoriented Noisy Point Clouds

Dachsbacher, Carsten; Křivánek, Jaroslav; Hašan, Miloš; Arbree, Adam; Walter, Bruce; Novák, Jan
Scalable Realistic Rendering with Many‐Light Methods

Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Baran, Ilya; Mitchell, Kenny; Jarosz, Wojciech
Visibility Silhouettes for Semi‐Analytic Spherical Integration

Kosinka, J.; Sabin, M. A.; Dodgson, N. A.
Subdivision Surfaces with Creases and Truncated Multiple Knot Lines

Áfra, Attila T.; Szirmay‐Kalos, László
Stackless Multi‐BVH Traversal for CPU, MIC and GPU Ray Tracing

Groot, Erwin; Wyvill, Brian; Barthe, Loïc; Nasri, Ahmad; Lalonde, Paul
Implicit Decals: Interactive Editing of Repetitive Patterns on Surfaces

Apaza‐Agüero, K.; Silva, L.; Bellon, O. R. P. 
Projection Mapping on Arbitrary Cubic Cell Complexes

Sinha, A.; Ramani, K.
Multi‐Scale Kernels Using Random Walks

Silva, R. Machado e; Esperança, C.; Marroquim, R.; Oliveira, A. A. F.
Image Space Rendering of Point Clouds Using the HPR Operator

Sakurai, K.; Miyata, K.
Modelling of Non‐Periodic Aggregates Having a Pile Structure

Engelhardt, Thomas; Schmidt, Thorsten‐Walther; Kautz, Jan; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Low‐Cost Subpixel Rendering for Diverse Displays

Mishchenko, O.; Crawfis, R.
On Perception of Semi‐Transparent Streamlines for Three‐Dimensional Flow Visualization

Kuhn, A.; Engelke, W.; Rössl, C.; Hadwiger, M.; Theisel, H.
Time Line Cell Tracking for the Approximation of Lagrangian Coherent Structures with Subgrid Accuracy

Silvennoinen, Ari; Saransaari, Hannu; Laine, Samuli; Lehtinen, Jaakko
Occluder Simplification Using Planar Sections

Bender, Jan; Erleben, Kenny; Trinkle, Jeff
Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics

Finckh, M.; Dammertz, H.; Lensch, H. P. A.
On Near Optimal Lattice Quantization of Multi‐Dimensional Data Points

Zhang, L.; Deng, Q.; Machiraju, R.; Rangarajan, A.; Thompson, D.; Walters, D. K.; Shen, H.‐W.
Boosting Techniques for Physics‐Based Vortex Detection

Duchowski, A. T.
Photons: Evolution of a Course in Data Structures