Computer Graphics Forum 2017 / CGF 36 - 6 

Issue Information

Köhler, Benjamin; Born, Silvia; van Pelt, Roy F. P.; Hennemuth, Anja; Preim, Uta; Preim, Bernhard
A Survey of Cardiac 4D PC‐MRI Data Processing

Bach, B.; Dragicevic, P.; Archambault, D.; Hurter, C.; Carpendale, S.
A Descriptive Framework for Temporal Data Visualizations Based on Generalized Space‐Time Cubes

Richter, Ronald; Kyprianidis, Jan Eric; Springborn, Boris; Alexa, Marc
Constrained Modelling of 3‐Valent Meshes Using a Hyperbolic Deformation Metric

Chen, Y.‐Y.; Chen, Y.‐J.; Chien, S.‐Y.
Quantizing Intersections Using Compact Voxels

Abdul‐Massih, M.; Yoo, I.; Benes, B.
Motion Style Retargeting to Characters With Different Morphologies

Zhai, Xiao; Hou, Fei; Qin, Hong; Hao, Aimin
Inverse Modelling of Incompressible Gas Flow in Subspace

Lieng, Henrik; Kosinka, Jiří; Shen, Jingjing; Dodgson, Neil A.
A Colour Interpolation Scheme for Topologically Unrestricted Gradient Meshes

Cruz Ruiz, A.L.; Pontonnier, C.; Pronost, N.; Dumont, G.
Muscle‐Based Control for Character Animation

Bock, Alexander; Svensson, Åsa; Kleiner, Alexander; Lundberg, Jonas; Ropinski, Timo
A Visualization‐Based Analysis System for Urban Search & Rescue Mission Planning Support

Manak, M.; Jirkovsky, L.; Kolingerova, I.
Interactive Analysis of Connolly Surfaces for Various Probes

Tominski, C.; Gladisch, S.; Kister, U.; Dachselt, R.; Schumann, H.
Interactive Lenses for Visualization: An Extended Survey

Vehlow, Corinna; Beck, Fabian; Weiskopf, Daniel
Visualizing Group Structures in Graphs: A Survey

Jänicke, S.; Franzini, G.; Cheema, M. F.; Scheuermann, G.
Visual Text Analysis in Digital Humanities

Ding, Shouhong; Sheng, Bin; Hou, Xiaonan; Xie, Zhifeng; Ma, Lizhuang
Intrinsic Image Decomposition Using Multi‐Scale Measurements and Sparsity

Lee, Hyunjoon; Jeon, Junho; Kim, Junho; Lee, Seungyong
Structure‐Texture Decomposition of Images with Interval Gradient

El Sayeh Khalil, J.; Munteanu, A.; Denis, L.; Lambert, P.; Walle, R.
Scalable Feature‐Preserving Irregular Mesh Coding

Roberts, D. A. T.; Ivrissimtzis, I.
Reevaluating Reconstruction Filters for Path‐Searching Tasks in 3D

Prashnani, Ekta; Noorkami, Maneli; Vaquero, Daniel; Sen, Pradeep
A Phase‐Based Approach for Animating Images Using Video Examples

Manteaux, P.‐L.; Wojtan, C.; Narain, R.; Redon, S.; Faure, F.; Cani, M.‐P.
Adaptive Physically Based Models in Computer Graphics

Brandt, Christopher; Scandolo, Leonardo; Eisemann, Elmar; Hildebrandt, Klaus
Spectral Processing of Tangential Vector Fields

Gribel, C.J.; Akenine‐Möller, T.
Time‐Continuous Quasi‐Monte Carlo Ray Tracing

Zhao, Haiming; Xu, Weiwei; Zhou, Kun; Yang, Yin; Jin, Xiaogang; Wu, Hongzhi
Stress‐Constrained Thickness Optimization for Shell Object Fabrication

Zhu, Fei; Zhao, Jing; Li, Sheng; Tang, Yong; Wang, Guoping
Dynamically Enriched MPM for Invertible Elasticity

Miao, H.; Mistelbauer, G.; Našel, C.; Gröller, M. E.
Visual Quantification of the Circle of Willis: An Automated Identification and Standardized Representation

Zheng, Qian; Fan, Xiaochen; Gong, Minglun; Sharf, Andrei; Deussen, Oliver; Huang, Hui
4D Reconstruction of Blooming Flowers