Eurographics workshop on Graphics Hardware 1988

Nimmo, AD.; Lister, P.F.; Grimsdale, R.L.
A VLSI Design Strategy for Graphics

Skyttä, Jorma; Takala, Tapio
A Distributed Data Model for Raytracing

Jong, Dirk de; Siobbe, Paul van; Splunter, Marinus van
Point-driven Generation of Images from a Hierarchical Data Structure

Muntean, T.; Waille, Ph.
A Massively Parallel Approach for the Design of a Raytracing Oriented Architecture

Lattard, Didier; Mazare, Guy
An Integrated Highly Parallel Architecture for Image Reconstruction

Oldfield, J.V.; Williams, R.D.; Wiseman, N.E.; Brûlé, M.R.
Content-Addressable Memories for Quadtree-8ased Images

Kaufman, Arie
The voxblt Engine: A Voxel Frame Buffer Processor

Jense, G.J.; Huijsmans, D.P.
Hardware Support for the Display and Manipulation of Binary Voxel Models

Schneider, Bengt-Olaf; Claussen, Ute
PROOF: An Architecture for Rendering In Object Space

Jayasinghe, JAK.S.; Kuijk, A.A.M.; Spaanenburg, L.
"A Display Controller for an Object-levelFrame Store System"

Molnar, Steven
Combining Z-buffer Engines for Higher-Speed Rendering

Shaw, Christopher D.; Green, Mark; Schaeffer, Jonathan
A VLSI Architecture for Image Composition

Pereira, Joijo; Reis, Francisco; Vinagre, Carlos; Gomes, Mario R.
Parallel Processing on a Transputer-based Graphics Board