Computer Graphics Forum 2019 / CGF 38 - 6 

Issue Information

Rebain, Daniel; Angles, Baptiste; Valentin, Julien; Vining, Nicholas; Peethambaran, Jiju; Izadi, Shahram; Tagliasacchi, Andrea
LSMAT Least Squares Medial Axis Transform

Marco, Julio; Guillén, Ibón; Jarosz, Wojciech; Gutierrez, Diego; Jarabo, Adrian
Progressive Transient Photon Beams

Zhou, J.; Chen, X.; Xu, Y.
Automatic Generation of Vivid LEGO Architectural Sculptures

Nunes, Augusto L.P.; Maciel, Anderson; Meyer, Gary W.; John, Nigel W.; Baranoski, Gladimir V.G.; Walter, Marcelo
Appearance Modelling of Living Human Tissues

Hu, Chen‐Hui; Lee, Chien‐Ying; Liou, Yen‐Ting; Sung, Feng‐Yu; Lin, Wen‐Chieh
Skiing Simulation Based on Skill‐Guided Motion Planning

Herholz, Philipp; Alexa, Marc
Efficient Computation of Smoothed Exponential Maps

Fechteler, P.; Hilsmann, A.; Eisert, P.
Markerless Multiview Motion Capture with 3D Shape Model Adaptation

Stoppel, S.; Bruckner, S.
LinesLab: A Flexible Low‐Cost Approach for the Generation of Physical Monochrome Art

McGee, F.; Ghoniem, M.; Melançon, G.; Otjacques, B.; Pinaud, B.
The State of the Art in Multilayer Network Visualization

Waldin, N.; Waldner, M.; Le Muzic, M.; Gröller, E.; Goodsell, D. S.; Autin, L.; Olson, A. J.; Viola, I.
Cuttlefish: Color Mapping for Dynamic Multi‐Scale Visualizations

Reed, K.; Cosker, D.
User‐Guided Facial Animation through an Evolutionary Interface