Eurographics 2021 - Posters 2021

Bittner, Jirí; Waldner, Manuela
EUROGRAPHICS 2021: Posters Frontmatter

Kumar, Harish; Sud, Anmol
Rendering 2D Vector Graphics on Mobile GPU Devices

Vardis, Konstantinos; Vasilakis, Andreas Alexandros; Papaioannou, Georgios
Illumination-driven Light Probe Placement

Silapasuphakornwong, Piyarat; Punpongsanon, Parinya; Panichkriangkrai, Chulapong; Sueeprasan, Suchitra; Uehira, Kazutake
Color Reproduction Framework for Inkjet FDM 3D Printers

Anjos, Rafael Kuffner dos; Lopes, Daniel S.
To Splat Straight with Crooked Points: Rendering Noisy Meshes and Point Clouds using Coherent Tangent Vector Fields

Ferman, David; Bharaj, Gaurav
Generative Landmarks

Lv, Junliang; Jiang, Haiyong; Xiao, Jun
Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled 3D Representation from a Single Image

Bán, Róbert; Valasek, Gábor
Tetrahedral Interpolation on Regular Grids

Jhang, Jia-Wun; Chang, Chun-Fa
An Unbiased Hybrid Rendering Approach to Path Guiding

Mühlenbrock, Andre; Fischer, Roland; Weller, René; Zachmann, Gabriel
Fast and Robust Registration and Calibration of Depth-Only Sensors