Eurographics Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing 2016

Rémi Ronfard; Marc Christie; Quentin Galvane; Arnav Jhala
WICED 2016: Frontmatter

Wambecke, Jérémy; Vergne, Romain; Bonneau, Georges-Pierre; Thollot, Joëlle
Automatic Lighting Design from Photographic Rules

Marvie, Jean-Eudes; Sourimant, Gael; Dufay, A.
Contact Visualization

Guillotel, Philippe; Danieau, Fabien; Fleureau, Julien; Rouxel, Ines
Introducing Basic Principles of Haptic Cinematography and Editing

Galvane, Quentin; Fleureau, Julien; Tariolle, Francois-Louis; Guillotel, Philippe
Automated Cinematography with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Wu, Hui-Yin; Christie, Marc
Analysing Cinematography with Embedded Constrained Patterns