EG 2017 - Education Papers 2017

Bourdin, Jean Jacques; Shesh, Amit
EUROGRAPHICS 2017: Education Papers Frontmatter

Balreira, Dennis G.; Walter, Marcelo; Fellner, Dieter W.
What we are teaching in Introduction to Computer Graphics

Dodgson, Neil A.; Chalmers, Andrew
Designing a Computer Graphics Course for First Year Undergraduates

Anderson, Eike Falk
Generating ASCII-Art: A Nifty Assignment from a Computer Graphics Programming Course

Bürgisser, Benjamin; Steiner, David; Pajarola, Renato
bRenderer: A Flexible Basis for a Modern Computer Graphics Curriculum

Toisoul, Antoine; Rueckert, Daniel; Kainz, Bernhard
Accessible GLSL Shader Programming

Liarokapis, Fotis
Using Activity Led Learning for Teaching Computer Graphics Principles Through Augmented Reality

Fairén, Marta; Farrés, Mariona; Moyés, Jordi; Insa, Esther
Virtual Reality to teach anatomy

Santos, Beatriz Sousa; Dias, Paulo
What Should a Virtual/Augmented Reality Course be?

Anderson, Eike Falk; Duchowski, Andrew; Liarokapis, Fotis; Redford, Adam
The New CGEMS - Preparing the Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source to Meet the Needs of Educators