Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2010

Stephenson, Ian; Scanlan, Liam
Screen Space Re-Rendering for the Simulation of Concert Lighting

Kraus, Martin
Efficient Image Blur in Web-Based Applications

Diktas, Engin Deniz; Sahiner, Ali Vahit
ID-Based Rendering of Silhouettes on GPU

Kyprianidis, Jan Eric; Semmo, Amir; Kang, Henry; Döllner, Jürgen
Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering with Polynomial Weighting Functions

Aguirre, Hugo; Gutierrez, Diego; Perrin, James S.
Rendering Large Point Datasets with GPU Shaders

Andersen, Vedrana; Aanæs, Henrik; Bærentzen, Jacob Andreas
Surfel Based Geometry Reconstruction

Geng, Chun; Suzuki, Hiromasa; Yan, Dong-Ming; Michikawa, Takasi; Sato, Yuichi; Hashima, Masayoshi; Ohta, Eiji
A Thin-plate CAD Mesh Model Splitting Approach Based on Fitting Primitives

Belmonte, Óscar; Sancho, Sergio; Ribelles, José
Multiresolution Modeling Using Fractal Image Compression Techniques

Ribelles, Jose; López, Angeles; Belmonte, Oscar
An Improved Discrete Level of Detail Model Through an Incremental Representation

Karmakham, Twin; Richmond, Paul; Romano, Daniela M.
Agent-based Large Scale Simulation of Pedestrians With Adaptive Realistic Navigation Vector Fields

Stephenson, Ian; Pride, Rebecca
Computer Modelling of Theatrical Sets

Alford, Jennifer R.; Sheppard, David G.
Approximating Poisson Disk Distributions by Means of a Stochastic Dither Array

Applegate, Christopher S.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andy M.
Real-Time Traffic Simulation Using Cellular Automata

George, Richard L. S. F.; Roberts, Jonathan C.; Davies, Alan G.
Using Processing to Develop iCove: a Tool for Interactive Coastal Oceanographic Visualization

Purvis, Alan; Sundstedt, Veronica
Perception of Clones in Forest Rendering

Roberts, Jonathan
Computer Graphics Education and the understanding of pixel plotting algorithms using Growth Aggregation models

Coles, Timothy R.; Gould, Derek A.; John, Nigel W.; Caldwell, Darwin G.
Virtual Femoral Palpation Simulation for Interventional Radiology Training

Kaye, David; Ivrissimtzis, Ionnis
Implicit Surface Reconstruction and Feature Detection with a Learning Algorithm

Blackledge, Jonathan; Dubovitskiy, D. A.
Pattern Recognition in Cytopathology for Papanicolaou Screening

Dey, Priya; Maddock, Steve; Nicolson, Rod
Evaluation of A Viseme-Driven Talking Head

Salas, Miguel; Maddock, Steve
Craniofacial Reconstruction Based on Skull-face Models Extracted from MRI Datasets

Duffy, Brian; Carr, Hamish
Interval Based Data Structure Optimization

Turner, Martin; Leaver, George; Perrin, James
Remote Scientific Visualization for Large Datasets

McGee, Fintan; Dingliana, John
An Evaluation of the use of Clustering Coefficient as a Heuristic for the Visualisation of Small World Graphs

Mohamed, Farhan; Chen, Min; Grant, Phil W.
From Tabular Data to Metaphoric Landscape Visualisation - A Template-based Approach

Richmond, Paul; Smyrnova, Yuliya; Maddock, Steve; Kang, Jian
Audio-Visual Animation of Urban Space

Harvey, Carlo; Walker, Steve; Bashford-Rogers, Thomas; Debattista, Kurt; Chalmers, Alan
The Effect of Discretised and Fully Converged Spatialised Sound on Directional Attention and Distraction

Lazalde, Oscar M. Martinez; Maddock, Steve
Comparison of Different Types of Visemes using a Constraint-based Coarticulation Model

Molnos, Michael R. L.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andy M.
Using the Discrete Fourier Transform for Character Motion Blending and Manipulation - a Streamlined Approach

Murphy, James E.; Carr, Hamish; O'Neill, Michael
Animating Horse Gaits and Transitions

Gunnarsson, Orn; Maddock, Steve
Sketch-Based Posing of 3D Faces for Facial Animation

Gharib, Islam; Qin, Shengfeng
A Multi-Windows Approach for Sketch-Based Conceptual Design System

Scopes, Peter; Smith, Shamus P.
Integrating Haptic Interaction Into An Existing Virtual Environment Toolkit

Paulsen, Rasmus R.; Larsen, Rasmus
Anatomically Plausible Surface Alignment and Reconstruction

Burkitt, Mark; Romano, Daniela M.; Walker, Dawn C.; Fazeli, Alireza
3D Modelling of Complex Biological Structures: The Oviduct