Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2002

Kato, Toshi; Saito, Jun
"Kilauea" - Parallel Global Illumination Renderer

Stolk, Bram; Abdoelrahman, Faizal; Koning, Anton; Wielinga, Paul
Mining the Human Genome using Virtual Reality

Winkelholz, C.; Alexander, T.
Approach for software development of parallel real-time VE systems on heterogenous clusters

Voß, G.; Behr, J.; Reiners, D.; Roth, M.
A Multi-thread Safe Foundation for Scene Graphs and its Extension to Clusters

Yang, Jian; Shi, Jiaoying; Jin, Zhefan; Zhang, Hui
Design and Implementation of A Large-scale Hybrid Distributed Graphics System

Garcia, Antonio; Shen, Han-Wei
An Interleaved Parallel Volume Renderer With PC-clusters

Schulze, Jürgen P.; Lang, Ulrich
The Parallelization of the Perspective Shear-Warp Volume Rendering Algorithm

Isard, M.; Shand, M.; Heirich, A.
Distributed rendering of interactive soft shadows

Reinhard, Erik; Hansen, Charles; Parker, Steve
Interactive Ray Tracing of Time Varying Data

Benthin, Carsten; Dahmen, Tim; Wald, Ingo; Slusallek, Philipp
Interactive Headlight Simulation - A Case Study of Interactive Distributed Ray Tracing -

Correa, Wagner T.; Klosowski, James T.; Silva, Claudio T.
Out-Of-Core Sort-First Parallel Rendering for Cluster-Based Tiled Displays

Ueng, Shyh-Kuang; Sikorski, K.
An Out-of-core Method for Computing Connectivities of Large Unstructured Meshes

Zara, F.; Faure, F.; Vincent, J-M.
Physical cloth simulation on a PC cluster

Padrón, E. J.; Amor, M.; Bóo, M.; Doallo, R.
Efficient Parallel Implementations for Surface Subdivision

Jensen, N.; Olbrich, S.; Pralle, H.; Raasch, S.
An Efficient System for Collaboration in Tele-Immersive Environments

Chen, L.; Fujishiro, I.; Nakajima, K.
Parallel Performance Optimization of Large-Scale Unstructured Data Visualization for the Earth Simulator