Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2006

Chalmers, A.; Debattista, K.; Sundstedt, V.; Longhurst, P.; Gillibrand, R.
Rendering on Demand

Stephens, Abe; Boulos, Solomon; Bigler, James; Wald, Ingo; Parker, Steven
An Application of Scalable Massive Model Interaction using Shared-Memory Systems

Debattista, Kurt; Santos, Luís Paulo; Chalmers, Alan
Accelerating the Irradiance Cache through Parallel Component-Based Rendering

Thomaszewski, B.; Blochinger, W.
Parallel Simulation of Cloth on Distributed Memory Architectures

Marchesin, Stéphane; Mongenet, Catherine; Dischler, Jean-Michel
Dynamic Load Balancing for Parallel Volume Rendering

Bernardon, Fábio F.; Callahan, Steven P.; Comba, João L. D.; Silva, Cláudio T.
Interactive Volume Rendering of Unstructured Grids with Time-Varying Scalar Fields

Müller, C.; Strengert, M.; Ertl, T.
Optimized Volume Raycasting for Graphics-Hardware-based Cluster Systems

Es, A.; Keles, H. Y.; Isler, V.
Accelerated Volume Rendering with Homogeneous Region Encoding using Extended Anisotropic Chessboard Distance on GPU

Bachthaler, S.; Strengert, M.; Weiskopf, D.; Ertl, T.
Parallel Texture-Based Vector Field Visualization on Curved Surfaces Using GPU Cluster Computers

Mueller, Christopher; Gregor, Douglas; Lumsdaine, Andrew
Distributed Force-Directed Graph Layout and Visualization

Wolter, M.; Hentschel, B.; Schirski, M.; Gerndt, A.; Kuhlen, T.
Time Step Prioritising in Parallel Feature Extraction on Unsteady Simulation Data

Magallon, J. A.; Patow, G.; Seron, F. J.; Pueyo, X.
Parallelization of Inverse Design of Luminaire Reflectors

Klosowski, J. T.
The Challenges of Commodity-Based Visualization Clusters

Waschbüsch, M.; Cotting, D.; Duller, M.; Gross, M.
WinSGL: Software Genlocking for Cost-Effective Display Synchronization under Microsoft Windows

Roth, Marcus; Reiners, Dirk
Sorted Pipeline Image Composition

Lorenz, Mario; Brunnett, Guido
Optimized Visualization for Tiled Displays

Schaaf, Tom van der; Koutek, Michal; Bal, Henri
Parallel Particle Rendering: a Performance Comparison between Chromium and Aura

Newman, Timothy S.; Ma, Wenjun
Piggybacking for More Efficient Parallel Out-of-Core Isosurfacing

Childs, Hank; Duchaineau, Mark; Ma, Kwan-Liu
A Scalable, Hybrid Scheme for Volume Rendering Massive Data Sets

Cedilnik, Andy; Geveci, Berk; Moreland, Kenneth; Ahrens, James; Favre, Jean
Remote Large Data Visualization in the ParaView Framework

Strasser, Jonathan; Pascucci, Valerio; Ma, Kwan-Lui
Multi-layered Image Caching for Distributed Rendering of Large Multiresolution Datasets