The 4th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage 2003

Cain, Kevin
Scholarly documentation through digital storytelling: opening the tomb of Ramsses II

Brown, Duncan
Genuine Archaeology and Real Computer Graphics

Callieri, M.; Cignoni, P.; Ganovelli, F.; Montani, C.; Pingi, P.; Scopigno, R.
VCLab s Tools for 3D range data processing

Kammerer, Paul; Zolda, Ernestine; Sablatnig, Robert
Computer Aided Analysis of Underdrawings in Infrared Reflectograms

Managing the real with the virtual: A role for digital media recording in archaeological fieldwork

Stumpfel, Jessi; Tchou, Christopher; Yun, Nathan; Martinez, Philippe; Hawkins, Timothy; Jones, Andrew; Emerson, Brian; Debevec, Paul
Digital Reunification of the Parthenon and its Sculptures

Roussou, Maria; Drettakis, George
Photorealism and Non-Photorealism in Virtual Heritage Representation

Dikaiakou, M.; Efthymiou, A.; Chrysanthou, Y.
Modelling the Walled City of Nicosia

Melero, F.J.; Torres, J.C.; León, A.
On the Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Iberian Vessels

Kampel, M.; Melero, F. J.
Virtual Vessel Reconstruction from a Fragment s Profile

Magnanti, B.; Nicholls, A.; Sayle, R.
Multi-Platform Skeletal Visualisation and Reproduction in Stereolithography

Wilke, Lars; Calvert, Tom; Ryman, Rhonda; Fox, Ilene
Animating the Dance Archives

Seipel, S.; Lindkvist, M.; Pettersson, L.W.
Interactive virtual mummy dissections in a historical anatomic theatre

Grabner, Markus; Wozelka, Ralph; Mirchandani, Manish; Schindler, Konrad
Web-based visualization of virtual archaeological sites

Ledermann, Florian; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Presenting an Archaeological Site in the Virtual Showcase

Williams, Nathaniel; Hantak, Chad; Low, Kok-Lim; Thomas, John; Keller, Kurtis; Nyland, Lars; Luebke, David; Lastra, Anselmo
Monticello Through the Window

Tsekleves, E.; Cosmas, J.
The Dissemination and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Sites to People 'on the move' Employing Digital TV.

Kotziampasis, Ioannis; Sidwell, Nathan; Chalmers, Alan
Portals: Aiding Navigation in Virtual Museums

Vlahakis, V.; Pliakas, T.; Demiris, A.; Ioannidis, N.
Design and Application of an Augmented Reality System for continuous, context-sensitive guided tours of indoor and outdoor cultural sites and museums

Cosmas, J.; Itegaki, T.; Green, D.; Joseph, N.; Gool, L. Van; Zalesny, A.; Vanrintel, D.; Leberl, F.; Grabner, M.; Schindler, K.; Karner, K.; Gervautz, M.; Hynst, S.; Waelkens, M.; Vergauwen, M.; Pollefeys, M.; Cornelis, K.; Vereenooghe, T.; Sablatnig, R.; Kampel, M.; Axell, P.; Meyns, E.
Providing Multimedia Tools for Recording, Reconstruction, Visualisation and Database Storage/Access of Archaeological Excavations

Papaioannou, G.; Gaitatzes, A.; Christopoulos, D.
Enhancing Virtual Reality Walkthroughs of Archaeological Sites

Havemann, S.; Fellner, Dieter W.; Day, A. M.; Arnold, D. B.
New Approaches to Efficient Rendering of Complex Reconstructed Environments

Roussos, Ioannis; Chalmers, Alan
High Fidelity Lighting of Knossos

El-Hakim, Sabry F.; Gonzo, Lorenzo; Picard, Michel; Girardi, Stefano; Simoni, Andrea; Paquet, Eric; Viktor, Herna; Brenner, Claus
Visualisation of Highly Textured Surfaces