ICAT-EGVE 2016 - Posters and Demos 2016

Tom Coffin; Gabriel Zachmann; Akihiko Shirai; Regis Kopper; Pedro Morillo
ICAT-EGVE 2016- Posters and Demos: Frontmatter

Satale, Yuki; Funahashi, Kenji
Automatic Display Zoom Using Face Size of Camera Image

Kobayashi, Yuki; Funahashi, Kenji
Superimposing Questioner on Presentation Screen Using Microphone with Whole-Sky Camera

Kataoka, Toshiki; Funahashi, Kenji; Tanida, Koji; Yashiro, Katsuya
A Study of Sense of Self-agency Focused on Cross-correlation and Delay Between Action and Effect in Continuous Operation

Miyama, K.; Koyanagi, K.; Kakinuma, Y.; Anzai, H.; Sakurai, K.; Sawai, K.; Motoyoshi, T.; Masuta, H.; Oshima, T.
Force Feedback Device using Electro-Rheological Gel and One-sided Pattern Electrodes

Pathirathna, Shalika; Sandor, Christian; Taketomi, Takafumi; Plopski, Alexander; Kato, Hirokazu
Video Guides on Head-Mounted Displays: The Effect of Misalignments on Manual Task Performance

Kim, YoungBeom; Park, Byung-Ha; Jung, Kwang-Mo; Han, JungHyun
Anatomy-Inspired Weight for Real-time Character Animation

Marum, Joao Paulo Oliveira; Jones, J. Adam; Cunningham, H. Conrad
Functional Reactive Augmented Reality: Proof of Concept Using an Extended Augmented Desktop with Swipe Interaction

Gunter, Alexander; Robb, Andrew; Jones, J. Adam
Real-Time Marker Tracking with Microsoft Kinect

Aoyama, S.; Terata, Y.; Saruta, K.; Chen, G.
The Simulated Experience Road Crossing Using AR

Friðriksson, F. A.; Kristjánsson, H. S.; Sigurðsson, D. A.; Thue, D.; Vilhjálmsson, H. H.
Become your Avatar: Fast Skeletal Reconstruction from Sparse Data for Fully-tracked VR

Baggett, Aaron; Jaeger, Alex; Lewis, Benjamin; Wardlaw, Isaac
FRED's Happy Factory

Aoyama, S.; Terata, Y.; Saruta, K.; Chen, G.
Proposed VR Simulator with Ability to Discriminate Velocity of Approaching Car

Shirai, Akihiko; Yamaguchi, Yuta; Hsieh, Rex; Suzuki, Hisataka
Simultaneous Socio-Spatial Shared Signage