EuroVis 2022 - Posters 2022

Krone, Michael; Lenti, Simone; Schmidt, Johanna
EuroVis 2022 Posters: Frontmatter

He, Jiangen
Scientific Convergence and Divergence in Visualization and Visual Analytics

Eades, Peter; Hong, Seok-Hee; McGrane, Martin; Meidiana, Amyra
GDot-i: Interactive System for Dot Paintings of Graphs

Zhao, Yuhang; Jiang, Zheyu; Pang, Shanchen; Lv, Zhihan
Digital Twins of Smart Farms

Bressan Fogalli, Giovani; Line, Sérgio Roberto Peres; Baum, Daniel
Automatic Segmentation of Tooth Images: Optimization of Multi-parameter Image Processing Workflow

Derstroff, Adrian; Leistikow, Simon; Nahardani, Ali; Ebrahimi, Mahyasadat; Hoerr, Verena; Linsen, Lars
Explorative Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Regions to Detect Hemodynamic Biomarker Candidates

Beck, Fabian; Krause, Cedric
Visually Explaining Publication Ranks in Citation-based Literature Search with PURE Suggest

Agarwal, Shivam; Latif, Shahid; Rothweiler, Aristide; Beck, Fabian
Visualizing the Evolution of Multi-agent Game-playing Behaviors

van den Brandt, Astrid; Jonkheer, Eef M.; van Workum, Dirk-Jan M.; Smit, Sandra; Vilanova, Anna
Visual Exploration of Genetic Sequence Variants in Pangenomes

Schäfer, Steffen; Baumgartl, Tom; Wulff, Antje; Kuijper, Arjan; Marschollek, Michael; Scheithauer, Simone; von Landesberger, Tatiana
Interactive Visualization of Machine Learning Model Results Predicting Infection Risk

Hazwan, Ibrahim Al; Schmid, Jenny; Sachdeva, Madhav; Bernard, Jürgen
A Design Space for Explainable Ranking and Ranking Models

Pister, Alexis; Prieur, Christophe; Fekete, Jean-Daniel
Visual Queries on Bipartite Multivariate Dynamic Social Networks

Heylen, Dries; Peeters, Jannes; Ertaylan, Gökhan; Hooyberghs, Jef; Aerts, Jan
MOBS - Multi-Omics Brush for Subgraph Visualisation

Yim, Soobin; Yoon, Chanyoung; Yoo, Sangbong; Jang, Yun
A Mental Workload Estimation for Visualization Evaluation Using EEG Data and NASA-TLX

Díaz-Barrancas, Francisco; Cwierz, Halina; Gil-Rodríguez, Raquel; Pardo, Pedro J.
Validating Perception of Hyperspectral Textures in Virtual Reality Systems

Bucchieri, Federica; Yao, Lijie; Isenberg, Petra
Situated Visualization in Motion for Video Games

Boucher, Magdalena; Stoiber, Christina; Aigner, Wolfgang
Using Data Comics to Enhance Visualization Literacy

Molina, Elena; Vázquez, Pere-Pau
Accurate Molecular Atom Selection in VR

Islam, Alaul; Blascheck, Tanja; Isenberg, Petra
Context Specific Visualizations on Smartwatches

Rauscher, Julius; Miller, Matthias; Keim, Daniel A.
Visual Exploration of Preference-based Routes in Ski Resorts

Médoc, Nicolas; Ciorna, Vasile; Petry, Frank; Ghoniem, Mohammad
Visualizing Prediction Provenance in Regression Random Forests

Benvenuti, Dario; Fiordeponti, Giovanni; Cheng, Hao; Catarci, Tiziana; Fekete, Jean-Daniel; Santucci, Giuseppe; Angelini, Marco; Battle, Leilani
Toward an Interaction-Driven Framework for Modeling Big Data Visualization Systems

Griffin, Kevin; Amstutz, Jefferson; DeMarle, Dave; Günther, Johannes; Progsch, Jakob; Sherman, William; Stone, John E.; Usher, Will; Kooten, Kees van
ANARI: ANAlytic Rendering Interface

Yu, Yuncong; Kruyff, Dylan; Jiao, Jiao; Becker, Tim; Behrisch, Michael
PSEUDo: Interactive Pattern Search in Multivariate Time Series with Locality-Sensitive Hashing and Relevance Feedback

Dahshan, Mai; Turton, Terece L.; Polys, Nicholas
Exploration and Analysis of Image-base Simulation Ensembles

Meinecke, Christofer; Schebera, Jeremias; Eschrich, Jakob; Wiegreffe, Daniel
Visualizing Similarities between American Rap-Artists

Humer, Christina; Elharty, Mohamed; Hinterreiter, Andreas; Streit, Marc
Interactive Attribution-based Explanations for Image Segmentation

Dattolo, Antonina; Corbatto, Marco; Angelini, Marco
VisualBib(va): A Visual Analytics Platform for Authoring and Reviewing Bibliographies

Ståhlbom, Emilia; Molin, Jesper; Lundström, Claes; Ynnerman, Anders
Visualization Challenges of Variant Interpretation in Multiscale NGS Data

Vega, Juan Marin; Uri-Carreño, Nerea; Kusnick, Jakob; Jänicke, Stefan
Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment Visualizations

Costa, Rita; Malveiro, Beatriz; Palmeiro, João; Bizarro, Pedro
A Case Study on Implementing Screen Reader Accessibility in Dynamic Visualizations

Khulusi, Richard; Fricke, Heike
On Visualizing Music Storage Media for Modern Access to Historic Sources

Ajdadilish, Batoul; Kohl, Steffi; Schröder, Kay
Enhancing Evaluation of Room Scale VR Studies to POI Visualizations in Minimaps

Humayoun, Shah Rukh; Brahmadevara, Likhitha
Chord2DS: An Extension to Chord Diagram to Show Data Elements from Two Heterogeneous Data Sources

Siddiqui, Faizan; Höllt, Thomas; Vilanova, Anna
Parameter Sensitivity and Uncertainty Visualization in DTI