Computer Graphics Forum 1993 / CGF 12 - 2 

Van Campenhout, Jan M.; Lasure, Roeland
PRIP - A Parallel Raster Image Processor

Hsu, S. Y.; Chow, Louis R.; Liu, H. C.
A New Approach for the Generation of Circles

Ventura, A. Della; Ongaro, P.; Schettini, R.
Pictorial Editing by Shape Matching Techniques

Sutcliffe, D.C.; Gallop, J.R.; Maybury, R.; Day, R.A.; Duce?, D.A.; Reynolds?, G.J.
The ARGOSI Classification Scheme for Graphics and Networking Applications

Pattanaik, S. N.; Mudur, S. P.
The Potential Equation and Importance in Illumination Computations

Wang, Weidong; Grinstein, Georges G.
A Survey of 3D Solid Reconstruction from 2D Projection Line Drawings

Hubl, Josef
A Note on 3D-Clip Optimisation