SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 2000

Barenbrug, B.; Peters, F.J.; Overveld, C.W.A.M. van
Algorithms for Division Free Perspective Correct Rendering

McCormack, Joel; McNamara, Robert
Tiled Polygon Traversal Using Half-Plane Edge Functions

Owens, John D.; Dally, William J.; Kapasi, Ujval J.; Rixner, Scott; Mattson, Peter; Mowery, Ben
Polygon Rendering on a Stream Architecture

Chua, Clint; Neumann, Ulrich
Hardware-Accelerated Free-Form Deformation

Bischoff, Stephan; Kobbelt, Leif P.; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Towards Hardware Implementation Of Loop Subdivision

Kautz, Jan; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Towards Interactive Bump Mapping with Anisotropic Shift-Variant BRDFs

Doggett, Michael; Hirche, Johannes
Adaptive View Dependent Tessellation of Displacement Maps

Lee, Jin-Aeon; Kim, Lee-Sup
Single-Pass Full-Screen Hardware Accelerated Antialiasing

McNamara, Robert; McCormack, Joel; Jouppi, Norman P.
Prefiltered Antialiased Lines Using Half-Plane Distance Functions

Buck, Ian; Humphreys, Greg; Hanrahan, Pat
Tracking Graphics State For Networked Rendering

Samanta, Rudrajit; Funkhouser, Thomas; Li, Kai; Singh, Jaswinder Pal
Hybrid Sort-First and Sort-Last Parallel Rendering with a Cluster of PCs

Rezk-Salama, C.; Engel, K.; Bauer, M.; Greiner, G.; Ertl, T.
Interactive Volume Rendering on Standard PC Graphics Hardware Using Multi-Textures and Multi-Stage Rasterization

Dachille, Frank; Kaufman, Arie
GI-Cube: An Architecture for Volumetric Global Illumination and Rendering

Ray, Harvey; Silver, Deborah
The RACE II Engine for Real-Time Volume Rendering