Computer Graphics Forum 2001 / CGF 20 - 3 

Rushmeier, H.
Rendering: Input and Output

Hecker, Chris
Why Games Will Be the Preeminent Art Form of the 21stCentury

Gross, Markus
Are Points the Better Graphics Primitives?

Buehler, Katja
Linear Interval Estimations for Parametric Objects Theory and Application

Lane, JRT; Lalioti, V.
Reflective Interaction in Virtual Environments

Staadt, Oliver G.; Naf, Martin; Lamboray, Edouard; Wurmlin, Stephan
JAPE: A Prototyping System for Collaborative Virtual Environments

Teler, Eyal; Lischinski, Dani
Streaming of Complex 3D Scenes for Remote Walkthroughs

Felkel, Petr; Bruckschwaiger, Mario; Wegenkittl, Rainer
Implementation and Complexity of the Watershed-from-Markers Algorithm Computed as a Minimal Cost Forest

Breen, David E.; Mauch, Sean; Whitaker, Ross T.; Mao, Jia
3D Metamorphosis Between Different Types of Geometric Models

Nguyen, Ky Giang; Saupe, Dietmar
Rapid High Quality Compression of Volume Data for Visualization

Kunimatsu, A.; Watanabe, Y.; Fujii, H.; Saito, T.; Hiwada, K.; Takahashi, T.; Ueki, H.
Fast simulation and rendering techniques for fluid objects

Durikovic, Roman
Animation of Soap Bubble Dynamics, Cluster Formation and Collision

Harris, Mark J.; Lastra, Anselmo
Real-Time Cloud Rendering

Rushmeier, Holly; Balmelli, Laurent; Bernardini, Fausto
Horizon Map Capture

Eckstein, Ilya; Surazhsky, Vitaly; Gotsman, Craig
Texture Mapping with Hard Constraints

Iwakiri, Yuya; Kaneko, Toyohisa
PC-based Real-time Texture Painting on Real World Objects

Bourguignon, David; Cani, Marie-Paule; Drettakis, George
Drawing for Illustration and Annotation in 3D

Way, Der-Lor; Shih, Zen-Chung
The Synthesis of Rock Textures in Chinese Landscape Painting

Kang, Hyung Woo; Pyo, Soon Hyoung; Anjyo, Ken-ichi; Shin, Sung Yong
Tour Into the Picture using a Vanishing Line and its Extension to Panoramic Images

Haber, Jorg; Myszkowski, Karol; Yamauchi, Hitoshi; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Perceptually Guided Corrective Splatting

Wald, Ingo; Slusallek, Philipp; Benthin, Carsten; Wagner, Markus
Interactive Rendering with Coherent Ray Tracing

Schirmacher, Hartmut; Ming, Li; Seidel, Hans-Peter
On-the-Fly Processing of Generalized Lumigraphs

Halper, Nicolas; Helbing, Ralf; Strothotte, Thomas
A Camera Engine for Computer Games: Managing the Trade-Off Between Constraint Satisfaction and Frame Coherence

Freudenberg, Bert; Masuch, Maic; Strothotte, Thomas
Walk-Through Illustrations: Frame-Coherent Pen-and-Ink Style in a Game Engine

Oshita, Masaki; Makinouchi, Akifumi
A Dynamic Motion Control Technique for Human-like Articulated Figures

Gibson, Simon; Howard, Toby; Hubbold, Roger
Flexible Image-Based Photometric Reconstruction using Virtual Light Sources

Shacked, Ram; Lischinski, Dani
Automatic Lighting Design using a Perceptual Quality Metric

Ershov, Sergey; Kolchin, Konstantin; Myszkowski, Karol
Rendering Pearlescent Appearance Based On Paint-Composition Modelling

Rose III, Charles F.; Sloan, Peter-Pike J.; Cohen, Michael F.
Artist-Directed Inverse-Kinematics Using Radial Basis Function Interpolation

Kitamura, Yoshifumi; Higashi, Tomohiko; Iida, Takayuki; Kishino, Fumio
Interactive Computer Animation of Hand Gestures using Status Estimation with Multiple Regression Analysis

Vassilev, T.; Spanlang, B.; Chrysanthou, Y.
Fast Cloth Animation on Walking Avatars

Serpaggi, Xavier; Peroche, Bernard
An Adaptive Method for Indirect Illumination Using Light Vectors

Granier, Xavier; Drettakis, George
Incremental Updates for Rapid Glossy Global Illumination

Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Csonka, Ferenc; Antal, Gyorgy
Global Illumination as a Combination of Continuous Random Walk and Finite-Element Based Iteration

Rocchini, C.; Cignoni, P.; Montani, C.; Pingi, P.; Scopigno, R.
A low cost 3D scanner based on structured light

Monzani, Jean-Sebastien; Caicedo, Angela; Thalmann, Daniel
Integrating Behavioural Animation Techniques

Hauth, Michael; Etzmuss, Olaf
A High Performance Solver for the Animation of Deformable Objects using Advanced Numerical Methods

Hadap, Sunil; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
Modeling Dynamic Hair as a Continuum

Reissell, L.-M.; Pai, Dinesh K.
Modeling Stochastic Dynamical Systems for Interactive Simulation

Wu, Xunlei; Downes, Michael S.; Goktekin, Tolga; Tendick, Frank
Adaptive Nonlinear Finite Elements for Deformable Body Simulation Using Dynamic Progressive Meshes

Tanaka, Satoshi; Shibata, Akihiro; Yamamoto, Hiroaki; Kotsuru, Hisakiyo
Generalized Stochastic Sampling Method for Visualization and Investigation of Implicit Surfaces

Ohtake, Yutaka; Belyaev, Alexander G.
Mesh Optimization for Polygonized Isosurfaces

Mora, B.; Jessel, J.P.; Caubet, R.
Visualization of Isosurfaces with Parametric Cubes

Watanabe, Kouki; Belyaev, Alexander G.
Detection of Salient Curvature Features on Polygonal Surfaces

Vorsatz, J.; Rossl, C.; Kobbelt, L. P.; Seidel, H.-P.
Feature Sensitive Remeshing

Botsch, Mario; Kobbelt, Leif
Resampling Feature and Blend Regions in Polygonal Meshes for Surface Anti-Aliasing

Wonka, Peter; Wimmer, Michael; Sillion, Francois X.
Instant Visibility

Roth, S. H. Martin; Diezi, Patrick; Gross, Markus H.
Ray Tracing Triangular Bezier Patches

Brunet, Pere; Navazo, Isabel; Rossignac, Jarek; Saona-Vazquez, Carlos
Hoops: 3D Curves as Conservative Occluders for Cell-Visibility

Westermann, Rudiger; Rezk-Salama, Christof
Real-Time Volume Deformations

Csebfalvi, Balazs; Mroz, Lukas; Hauser, Helwig; Konig, Andreas; Groller, Eduard
Fast Visualization of Object Contours by Non-Photorealistic Volume Rendering

Tricoche, X.; Scheuermann, G.; Hagen, H.
Tensor Topology Tracking: A Visualization Method for Time-Dependent 2D Symmetric Tensor Fields

Maillot, Jerome; Stam, Jos
A Unified Subdivision Scheme for Polygonal Modeling

Alliez, Pierre; Desbrun, Mathieu
Valence-Driven Connectivity Encoding for 3D Meshes

Boissonnat, Jean-Daniel; Cazals, Frederic
Coarse-to-fine surface simplification with geometric guarantees

Ehmann, Stephen A.; Lin, Ming C.
Accurate and Fast Proximity Queries Between Polyhedra Using Convex Surface Decomposition

Ivanov, D.; Kuzmin, Ye.
Spatial Patches - A Primitive for 3D Model Representation