Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) 2020

Ritsos, Panagiotis D.; Xu, Kai
CGVC 2020: Frontmatter

Duce, David A.; Martin, Clare; Russell, Alex; Brown, Dan; Aldea, Arantza; Alshaigy, Bedour; Harrison, Rachel; Waite, Marion; Leal, Yenny; Wos, Marzena; Fernandez-Balsells, Mercè; Real, José Manuel Fernández; Nita, Lucian; López, Beatriz; Massana, Joaquim; Avari, Parizad; Herrero, Pau; Jugnee, Narvada; Oliver, Nick; Reddy, Monika
Visualizing Usage Data from a Diabetes Management System

Gardner, Joshua; Al-Maliki, Shatha; Lutton, Évelyne; Boué, François; Vidal, Franck
Recognising Specific Foods in MRI Scans Using CNN and Visualisation

Chan, Jacky C. P.; Irimia, Ana-Sabina; Ho, Edmond S. L.
Emotion Transfer for 3D Hand Motion using StarGAN

Morley, Terence; Morris, Tim; Turner, Martin
Encyclopaedia-based Framework for 3D Image Processing Applications

Ferguson, Gary; Vidal, Franck
Simulating Dynamic Ecosystems with Co-Evolutionary Agents

Ahmed, Abdalla G. M.
Continuous-Line-Based Halftoning with Pinwheel Tiles

Houwink, Sietze G.; Kliffen, Klaas Y.; Kosinka, Jiri
ORQA: Objective Reflection Quality Assessment

Gross, Julian; Köster, Marcel; Krüger, Antonio
CLAWS: Computational Load Balancing for Accelerated Neighbor Processing on GPUs using Warp Scheduling

Hajij, Mustafa; Said, Eyad; Todd, Robert
Generalized K-means for Metric Space Clustering Using PageRank

Hajij, Mustafa; Zhang, Yunhao; Liu, Haowen; Rosen, Paul
Persistent Homology and the Discrete Laplace Operator For Mesh Similarity

Ioannou, Eleftherios; Maddock, Steve
Breathing Life into Statues Using Augmented Reality

Sandoval, Mario; Morris, Tim; Turner, Martin
Interaction Framework within Collaborative Virtual Environments for Multiple Users each interacting with Multiple Degrees-Of-Freedom Controllers

Headleand, Chris; Williams, Benjamin; Holopainen, Jussi; Gilliam, Marlon
A Gesture Recognition Model for Virtual Reality Motion Controllers

Elliman, James P.; Bethapudi, Sarath; Koulieris, George Alex
Medical Ultrasound Training in Virtual Reality

Sandoval, Mario; Morris, Tim; Turner, Martin
Controlling Game Objects Using Multiple Degrees-Of-Freedom