Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) 2023

Hunter, David; Peter Vangorp
Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC): Frontmatter

Hauenstein, Jacob D.; Newman, Timothy S.
Strategies for More Energy Efficient Volume Analysis and Direct Volume Rendering Descriptor Computation

Gaide, Maxime; Marcheix, David; Arnould, Agnès; Skapin, Xavier; Belhaouari, Hakim; Jean, Stéphane
Automatic Detection of Topological Changes in Geometric Modeling Operations

Alhamazani, Fahd; Rosin, Paul L.; Lai, Yu-Kun
An Image-based Model for 3D Shape Quality Measure

Wang, Tao; Wu, Jing; Ji, Ze; Lai, Yu-Kun
RPS-Net: Indoor Scene Point Cloud Completion using RBF-Point Sparse Convolution

Garifullin, Albert; Maiorov, Nikolay; Frolov, Vladimir
Differentiable Procedural Models for Single-view 3D Mesh Reconstruction

Zuo, Hancheng; Tiddeman, Bernard
Inpainting Normal Maps for Lightstage data

Roberts, Jonathan C.; Butcher, Peter W. S.; Rees, Geraint; Lew, Robert; Sharma, Nirwan; Frankenberg-Garcia, Anna
Less is more: Focused Design and Problem Framing in Visualisation - Developing the ColloCaid Collocation Editor

Ogbonda, Ebube Glory; Roberts, Jonathan C.; Butcher, Peter W. S.
Interweaving Data and Stories: A Case Study on Unveiling the Human Dimension of U.S. Refugee Movements through Narrative Visualisation

Gaide, Maxime; Marcheix, David; Arnould, Agnès; Skapin, Xavier; Belhaouari, Hakim; Jean, Stéphane
Model Reevaluation Based on Graph Transformation Rules

Hajzer, Sándor P.; Jones, Andra; Jones, David E.; Miles, Helen C.; Ellis, Victoria; Povina, Federico V.; Sganga, Magalí; Swain, Martin T.; Bennett-Gillison, Sophie
Towards Ceramics Inspired Physiotherapy for Recovering Stroke Patients

Iftikhar, Muhammad; Tiddeman, Bernard; Neal, Marie; Hold, Natalie; Neal, Mark
Investigating Deep Learning for Identification of Crabs and Lobsters on Fishing Boats

Jamil, Amaan; Denes, Gyorgy
Classifying User Interface Accessibility for Colourblind Users

Dravecky, Peter; Stephenson, Ian
Using The Barnes-Hut Approximation for Fast N-Body Simulations in Computer Graphics

Magnussen, Birk Martin
Intra-Model Smoothing Using Depth Aware Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing for Deferred Rendering Pipelines

Ladegaard, Ariel; Gunn, Matt; Miles, Helen C.; Tyler, Laurence
AUPE: An Emulator for the ExoMars PanCam Instrument

Rastogi, Prakhar; Singh, Karanveer; Sreevalsan-Nair, Jaya
SunburstChartAnalyzer: Hierarchical Data Retrieval from Images of Sunburst Charts for Tree Visualization

Michael, Brandon; Aburumman, Nadine
Exploring Language Pedagogy with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Ogbonda, Ebube Glory
Immersive WebXR Data Visualisation Tool

Ogbonda, Ebube Glory; Butcher, Peter W. S.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Crafting Visual Narratives: A Case Study on Developing an Engaging Visualisation Poster Using U.S. Immigration Data

Nikolov, Ivan
Augmenting Anomaly Detection Datasets with Reactive Synthetic Elements

Lindfield, Nicholas; Carey, Remington; Hulusic, Vedad; Milne, Darran; Tang, Wen
Just Noticeable Difference of Dead Pixels in Monochrome Computer-Generated Holograms

Sganga, Magalí; Rozmiarek, Patrycja; Ravera, Emiliano; Akanyeti, Otar; Povina, Federico Villagra
Automatic Balance Assessment Using Smartphone and AI