ICAT-EGVE 2022 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2022

Jean-Marie Normand; Hideaki Uchiyama
ICAT-EGVE 2022 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments

Simon, Cassandre; Otmane, Samir; Chellali, Amine
Comparing Modalities to Communicate Movement Amplitude During Tool Manipulation in a Shared Learning Virtual Environment

Uesaka, Shoko; Amano, Toshiyuki
Cast-Shadow Removal for Cooperative Adaptive Appearance Manipulation

Teo, Theophilus; Sakurada, Kuniharu; Fukuoka, Masaaki; Sugimoto, Maki
Evaluating Techniques to Share Hand Gestures for Remote Collaboration using Top-Down Projection in a Virtual Environment

Miyawaki, Ryosuke; Perusquia-Hernandez, Monica; Isoyama, Naoya; Uchiyama, Hideaki; Kiyokawa, Kiyoshi
A Data Collection Protocol, Tool and Analysis for the Mapping of Speech Volume to Avatar Facial Animation

Ihara, Keiichi; Kawaguchi, Ikkaku
AR Object Layout Method Using Miniature Room Generated from Depth Data

Kamarianakis, Manos; Protopsaltis, Antonis; Angelis, Dimitris; Tamiolakis, Michail; Papagiannakis, George
Progressive Tearing and Cutting of Soft-bodies in High-performance Virtual Reality

Watanabe, Koki; Nakamura, Fumihiko; Sakurada, Kuniharu; Teo, Theophilus; Sugimoto, Maki
An Integrated Ducted Fan-Based Multi-Directional Force Feedback with a Head Mounted Display

Carvalho, Bruno; Mendes, Daniel; Coelho, António; Rodrigues, Rui
ProGenVR: Natural Interactions for Procedural Content Generation in VR

Tefera, Yonas T.; Mazzanti, Dario; Anastasi, Sara; Caldwell, Darwin G.; Fiorini, Paolo; Deshpande, Nikhil
FoReCast: Real-time Foveated Rendering and Unicasting for Immersive Remote Telepresence

Khokhar, Adil; Borst, Christoph W.
Towards Improving Educational Virtual Reality by Classifying Distraction using Deep Learning

Miyamoto, Junpei; Koike, Hideki; Amano, Toshiyuki
Gaze Guidance in the Real-world by Changing Color Saturation of Objects

Guy, Martin; Jeunet-Kelway, Camille; Moreau, Guillaume; Normand, Jean-Marie
Manipulating the Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality: a Study of the Interactions Between the Senses of Agency, Self-location and Ownership

Lomet, Julien; Gaugne, Ronan; Gouranton, Valérie
Could you Relax in an Artistic Co-creative Virtual Reality Experience?

Krogmeier, Claudia; Mousas, Christos
Exploring EEG-Annotated Affective Animations in Virtual Reality: Suggestions for Improvement

Ye, Bi; Fujimoto, Yuichiro; Sawabe, Taishi; Kanbara, Masayuki; Lugtenberg, Geert; Kato, Hirokazu
A Rendering Method of Microdisplay Image to Expand Pupil Movable Region without Artifacts for Lenslet Array Near-Eye Displays

Hirobe, Daichi; Uranishi, Yuki; Orlosky, Jason; Shirai, Shizuka; Ratsamee, Photchara; Takemura, Haruo
Characteristics of Background Color Shifts Caused by Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays

Hoffard, Jana; Miyafuji, Shio; Pardomuan, Jefferson; Sato, Toshiki; Koike, Hideki
OmniTiles - A User-Customizable Display Using An Omni-Directional Camera Projector System