Vision, Modeling & Visualization 2017

Hullin, Matthias; Klein, Reinhard; Schultz, Thomas; Yao, Angela
VMV 2017 - Vision, Modeling and Visualization: Frontmatter

Krösl, Katharina; Luksch, Christian; Schwärzler, Michael; Wimmer, Michael
LiteMaker: Interactive Luminaire Development using Progressive Photon Tracing and Multi-Resolution Upsampling

Mylo, Marlon; Giesel, Martin; Zaidi, Qasim; Hullin, Matthias; Klein, Reinhard
Appearance Bending: A Perceptual Editing Paradigm for Data-Driven Material Models

Kratt, Julian; Eisenkeil, Ferdinand; Spicker, Marc; Wang, Yunhai; Weiskopf, Daniel; Deussen, Oliver
Structure-aware Stylization of Mountainous Terrains

Köhler, Benjamin; Grothoff, Matthias; Gutberlet, Matthias; Preim, Bernhard
Visualization of Cardiac Blood Flow Using Anisotropic Ambient Occlusion for Lines

Kausch, Lisa; Hilsmann, Anna; Eisert, Peter
Template-Based 3D Non-Rigid Shape Estimation from Monocular Image Sequences

Majumder, Soumajit; Chen, Haojiong; Yao, Angela
Data Driven Synthesis of Hand Grasps from 3-D Object Models

Wei, Jian; Resch, Benjamin; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
Dense and Scalable Reconstruction from Unstructured Videos with Occlusions

Roesch, Isabelle; Günther, Tobias
Visualization of Neural Network Predictions for Weather Forecasting

Bethge, Joseph; Hahn, Sebastian; Döllner, Jürgen
Improving Layout Quality by Mixing Treemap-Layouts Based on Data-Change Characteristics

Fan, Chaoran; Hauser, Helwig
User-study Based Optimization of Fast and Accurate Mahalanobis Brushing in Scatterplots

Staib, Joachim; Grottel, Sebastian; Gumhold, Stefan
Temporal Focus+Context for Clusters in Particle Data

Friederici, Anke; Günther, Tobias; Rössl, Christian; Theisel, Holger
Finite Time Steady Vector Field Topology - Theoretical Foundation and 3D Case

Gu, Feng; Yang, Zhixing; Kolonko, Michael; Grosch, Thorsten
Interactive Visualization of Gaps and Overlaps for Large and Dynamic Sphere Packings

Buelow, Max von; Guthe, Stefan; Goesele, Michael
Compression of Non-Manifold Polygonal Meshes Revisited

Burghard, Oliver; Klein, Reinhard
Efficient Lifted Relaxations of the Quadratic Assignment Problem

Zellmann, Stefan; Lang, Ulrich
C++ Compile Time Polymorphism for Ray Tracing

Jendersie, Johannes; Rohmer, Kai; Brüll, Felix; Grosch, Thorsten
Pixel Cache Light Tracing

Rak, Marko; Tönnies, Klaus D.
Star Convex Cuts with Encoding Swaps for Fast Whole-Spine Vertebrae Segmentation in MRI

Li, Weihao; Jafari, Omid Hosseini; Rother, Carsten
Semantic-Aware Image Smoothing

Dey, Tamal Krishna; Mandal, Sayan; Varcho, William
Improved Image Classification using Topological Persistence