Eurographics 2014 - Education Papers 2014

Bezin, Richard; Crespin, Benoit; Skapin, Xavier; Meseure, Philippe; Terraz, Olivier
Programming Topological Operations for Visual Illustrations in an Introductory Geomorphology Course

Papagiannakis, George; Papanikolaou, Petros; Greassidou, Elisavet; Trahanias, Panos
glGA: an OpenGL Geometric Application Framework for a Modern, Shader-based Computer Graphics Curriculum

Hernández, Benjamín; Alvarado, Adriana
Using Modern Interaction Devices for HCI and Interaction Design Courses

Narahara, Taro
Teaching Interactivity: Introducing Design Students to Sensors and Microcontrollers

Peters, Christopher E.; Anderson, Eike Falk
The Four I's Recipe for Cooking Up Computer Graphics Exercises and Assessments

Müller, Christoph; Gärtner, Fabian
Student Project - Portable Real-Time 3D Engine

George-Molland, Anne-Laure; Plessiet, Cedric
Producing Creative Artistic Projects by Grouping Students' Computer Graphics Research Topics

Pledger, Jon; Chen, Minsi
Two Exceptional Projects from a Multidisciplinary Game Development Curriculum