Smart Tools and Apps for Graphics - Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2014

Keinert, Benjamin; Schäfer, Henry; Korndörfer, Johann; Ganse, Urs; Stamminger, Marc
Enhanced Sphere Tracing

Taibo, Javier; Jaspe, Alberto; Seoane, Antonio; Agus, Marco; Hernández, Luis
Practical Line Rasterization for Multi-resolution Textures

Ivo, Rafael; Ganovelli, Fabio; Vidal, Creto; Scopigno, Roberto
Adaptive Clipping of Splats to Models with Sharp Features

Weber, Christoph; Stamminger, Marc
Stateless Level of Detail Lighting for Automotive Visualization

Cherchi, Gianmarco; Sorrentino, Fabio; Scateni, Riccardo
AR Turn-by-turn Navigation in Small Urban Areas and Information Browsing

Fiorini, S.; Biasi, M. De; Ballerini, L.; Trucco, E.; Ruggeri, A.
Automatic Generation of Synthetic Retinal Fundus Images

Stanco, Filippo; Gallo, Giovanni; Cannata, Giovanna; Lombardo, Marcella
Multi-modal Digitalization of Cultural Heritage Artifacts

Corda, Fabrizio; Sorrentino, Fabio; Scateni, Riccardo
CHROMAGRAM: A Real-time Chroma Key Application for Mobile Devices

Baldacci, Andrea; Ganovelli, Fabio; Corsini, Massimiliano; Scopigno, Roberto
Stereo-browsing from Calibrated Cameras

Asuni, Nicola; Giachetti, Andrea
TESTIMAGES: a Large-scale Archive for Testing Visual Devices and Basic Image Processing Algorithms