Digital Heritage International Congress 2013

Buglio, David Lo; Lardinois, Vanessa; Luca, Livio De
Revealing shape semantics from morphological similarities of a collection of architectural elements. The case study of the columns of Saint-Michel de Cuxa.

Dore, Conor; Murphy, Maurice
As-Built BIM Modeling of Historic Buildings from Laser and Image Data

Pauwels, Pieter; Mascio, Danilo Di; Meyer, Ronald De
Integrating building information modelling and semantic web technologies for management of built heritage information

Garagnani, Simone
Building Information Modeling and real world knowledge

Brumana, Raffaella; Oreni, Daniela; Raimondi, Anna; Georgopoulos, Andreas; Bregianni, Angeliki; Barazzetti, Luigi
From survey to HBIM for documentation, dissemination and management of built heritage. The case study of St.Maria in Scaria d Intelvi

Luca, Livio De; Busayarat, Chawee; Domenico, Francesca De; Lombardo, Julie; Pierrot-Deseilligny, Marc; Stefani, Chiara; Wang, Françoise
When script engravings reveal a semantic link between the conceptual and the spatial dimensions of a monument: the case of the Tomb of Emperor Qianlong.

Ureña, María Jesús Aguilera; Larriva, José Emilio Meroño de; Ballesteros, Andrés Ortega; Moreno, Alberto Jesús Perea; Neira, Julia Barrios
Application of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology in the characterisation of construction materials in exceptional buildings: first results.

Bagneris, Marine; Dubois, Frédéric; Martin, Alexandre
Numerical analysis of historical masonry structures for stone degradation diagnosis : An application to the Roman Amphitheater of Nîmes

Palmas, Gregorio; Pietroni, Nico; Cignoni, Paolo; Scopigno, Roberto
A computer-assisted constraint-based system for assembling fragmented objects

Bagnéris, Marine; Dubois, Frédéric; Jean, Michel; Martin, Alexandre; Taforel, Paul; Visseq, Vincent
High performance hybrid FEM/DEM simulation tool for numerical analysis of historical structures

Barreau, Jean-Baptiste; Gaugne, Ronan; Bernard, Yann; Cloirec, Gaétan Le; Gouranton, Valérie
The West Digital Conservatory of Archaeological Heritage project

Cimadomo, Guido
Documentation and dissemination of Cultural Heritage: current solutions and considerations about its digital implementation

Apollonio, Fabrizio Ivan; Gaiani, Marco; Felicori, Mauro; Guidazzoli, Antonella; Virgolin, Luigi; Liguori, Maria Chiara; Fallavollita, Federico; Ballabeni, Massimo; Sun, Zheng; Baglivo, Antonio
Bologna porticoes project: a 3D repository for WHL UNESCO nomination

Dubbini, Nevio; Gattiglia, Gabriele
A PageRank based predictive model for the estimation of the archaeological potential of an urban area

Mulliez, Maud; Jockey, Philippe; Vincitore, Mauro
Virtual Reconstruction and Experimental Attempt in Archaeology: The Massalian Treasury in Delphi

Lim, Chen Kim; Cani, Marie-Paule; Galvane, Quentin; Pettre, Julien; Talib, Abdullah Zawawi
Simulation of Past Life: Controlling Agent Behaviors from the Interactions between Ethnic Groups

Thompson, Paul; Nawaz, Raheel; Korkontzelos, Ioannis; Ananiadou, Sophia
News Search Using Discourse Analytics

Pintus, Ruggero; Yang, Ying; Rushmeier, Holly
ATHENA: Automatic Text Height ExtractioN for the Analysis of old handwritten manuscripts

Din, Herminia; Lin, Fang-Yin; Bailey, Darrell
New Media Technology and Interpretation of Asian Art: Yuan Ming Yuan: Qing Emperors' Splendid Gardens

Dell'Unto, Nicolò; Ferdani, Daniele; Leander, Anne Marie; Dellepiane, Matteo; Callieri, Marco; Lindgren, Stefan
Digital reconstruction and visualization in archaeology. Case-study drawn from the work of the Swedish Pompeii Project

Franzen, Christoph; Siedler, Gunnar; Franzen, Carola; Vetter, Sebastian
Orthogonal IRT Imaging

Isfeld, Andrea; Shrive, Nigel
Finite Element Modelling of Contact in Rubble Stone Masonry

Himamunanto, Rudatyo; Widiarti, Anastasia Rita

Tolmer, Charles-Edouard; Castaing, Christophe; Diab, Youssef; Morand, Denis
IFC and CityGML : going further than LOD

Ravaglia, Joris; Bac, Alexandra; Piboule, Alexandre
Laser-Scanned Tree Stem Filtering for Forest Inventories Measurements

Blaµek, Jan; Zitova, Barbara; Flusser, Jan
Image Fusion for Difference Visualization in Art Analysis

Chaumont, Marc; Tribouillard, Louis; Subsol, Gérard; Courtade, Florian; Pasquet, Jérôme; Derras, Mustapha
Automatic localization of tombs in aerial imagery: application to the digital archiving of cemetery heritage

Lu, Min; Zhang, Yujin; Zheng, Bo; Masuda, Takeshi; Ono, Shintaro; Oishi, Takeshi; Sengoku-Haga, Kyoko; Ikeuchi, Katsushi
Portrait Sculptures of Augustus: Categorization via Local Shape Comparison

Vassallo, Valentina; Kyriakou, Niki; Hermon, Sorin; Eliades, Ioannis
Tracing provenance of lost and found Cypriot Byzantine icons

Armand, Cécile
The patrimonialization process of advertising : from scorn and mistrust to documentary heritage, archive, and history

Karavia, Despoina; Georgopoulos, Andreas
Placing Intangible Cultural Heritage

Leclercq, Eric; Savonnet, Marinette; Troya, Andres; Buttner, Stephane
Investigating a multi-paradigm system for the management of archaeological data: Corpus Lapidum Burgundiae

Alrawi, Osama
Knowledge Cube

Stefani, Chiara; Vallet, Jean-Marc; Luca, Livio De
An easy-to-use multi-dimensional database for the management of cultural heritage buildings

Muhammad, Naeem; Koutalieris, George; Streefkerk, Marco; Poot, Nathalie; Alloing, Sam; Wyns, Roxanne
A Model to anticipate and analyse Requirements of Heritage Organisations wishing to actively participate in Europeana

Silvestru, Claudiu
The Late Medieval Street Layout of Vienna

Palacios, Belen Jimenez Fernandez; Stefani, Chiara; Lombardo, Julie; Luca, Livio de; Remondino, Fabio
Web Visualization of Complex Reality-Based 3D Models with Nubes

Albisinni, Piero; Carlo, Laura De; Kantas, Prokopios; Mancini, Matteo Flavio; Moscarelli, Alessia; Mulla, Erald
The virtual concreteness of the architectural project. Ideas and experimentations for a digital archive of the Italian Masters work of the 20th century

Sandron, Dany; Chaumet, Gregory
Cellars of Paris, under the cobbles, cellars!

Agnello, Fabrizio
The Cathedral of Palermo: from survey to historic interpretation

Povilionis, Girenas; Povilioniene, Rima
Aspects of the Digitalisation of the Documentation and Research of Lithuanian Historical Organs

Schettino, Patrizia
Home, sense of place and visitors intepretation of digital cultural immersive experiences in museums.

Farroni, Laura
Architecture and representation: digital surveying of Pavilion 19 of the former Slaughterhouse (Ex Mattatoio) of Rome

Fai, Stephen; Sydor, Mikael
Building Information Modelling and the Documentation of Architectural Heritage: between the typical and the specific

Almeida, Vera Moitinho de; Barceló, Juan Antonio; Rosillo, Rafel; Palomo, Antoni
Linking 3D Digital Surface Texture Data with Ancient Manufacturing Procedures

Ibrahim, Nazrita; Azmi, Khairul Azhar
Preserving Malay Architectural Heritage through Virtual Reconstruction

Damnjanovic, Uros; Hermon, Sorin; Iannone, Giancarlo
Documentation of decision-making process in the analysis of digital heritage objects