Eurographics 2021 - Short Papers 2021

Theisel, Holger; Wimmer, Michael
EUROGRAPHICS 2021: Short Papers Frontmatter

Benthin, Carsten; Vaidyanathan, Karthik; Woop, Sven
Ray Tracing Lossy Compressed Grid Primitives

Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Magdics, Milán
Gaming in Elliptic Geometry

Frâncu, Mihail
Modeling and Actuation of Cable-driven Silicone Soft Robots

Rauch, Nikolaus; Harders, Matthias
Interactive Synthesis of 3D Geometries of Blood Vessels

Goto, Chihiro; Umetani, Nobuyuki
Data-driven Garment Pattern Estimation from 3D Geometries

Ganglberger, Florian; Kaczanowska, Joanna; Haubensak, Wulf; Bühler, Katja
Visualising the Transition of Large Networks via Dimensionality Reduction to Illustrate the Evolution of the Human Brain

Andersson, Pontus; Nilsson, Jim; Shirley, Peter; Akenine-Möller, Tomas
Visualizing Errors in Rendered High Dynamic Range Images

Fisher, Matthew; Agarwal, Vineet; Beri, Tarun
Automatic Hierarchical Arrangement of Vector Designs

Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Tóth, Márton
Bregman Approach to Single Image De-Raining

Cai, Zhilin; Zhang, Yang; Manzi, Marco; Oztireli, Cengiz; Gross, Markus; Aydin, Tunç Ozan
Robust Image Denoising using Kernel Predicting Networks

Paliard, Chloé; Alvarado, Eduardo; Rohmer, Damien; Cani, Marie-Paule
SoftWalks: Real-Time, Two-Ways Interaction between a Character and Loose Grounds

Perrusi, Pedro Henrique Suruagy; Baksic, Paul; Courtecuisse, Hadrien
Interactive Finite Element Model of Needle Insertion and Laceration

Han, Dong-Hoon; Lee, Chang-Jin; Lee, Sangbin; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Tight Normal Cone Merging for Efficient Collision Detection of Thin Deformable Objects

Wang, Mengchen; Férey, Nicolas; Magoulès, Frédéric; Bourdot, Patrick
Interactive Simulation for easy Decision-making in Fluid Dynamics

Kim, Jeonghwan; Son, Hyeontae; Bae, Jinseok; Kim, Young Min
Auto-rigging 3D Bipedal Characters in Arbitrary Poses

Ritter, Marcel; Schiffner, Daniel; Harders, Matthias
Visual Analysis of Point Cloud Neighborhoods via Multi-Scale Geometric Measures