Computer Graphics Forum 2021 / CGF 40 - 4 

Bousseau, Adrien; McGuire, Morgan
Rendering 2021 CGF 40-4: Frontmatter

Zhang, Xianyao; Manzi, Marco; Vogels, Thijs; Dahlberg, Henrik; Gross, Markus; Papas, Marios
Deep Compositional Denoising for High-quality Monte Carlo Rendering

Fan, Hangming; Wang, Rui; Huo, Yuchi; Bao, Hujun
Real-time Monte Carlo Denoising with Weight Sharing Kernel Prediction Network

Kopanas, Georgios; Philip, Julien; Leimkühler, Thomas; Drettakis, George
Point-Based Neural Rendering with Per-View Optimization

Neff, Thomas; Stadlbauer, Pascal; Parger, Mathias; Kurz, Andreas; Mueller, Joerg H.; Chaitanya, Chakravarty R. Alla; Kaplanyan, Anton S.; Steinberger, Markus
DONeRF: Towards Real-Time Rendering of Compact Neural Radiance Fields using Depth Oracle Networks

Subr, Kartic
Q-NET: A Network for Low-dimensional Integrals of Neural Proxies

Thonat, Theo; Aksoy, Yagiz; Aittala, Miika; Paris, Sylvain; Durand, Fredo; Drettakis, George
Video-Based Rendering of Dynamic Stationary Environments from Unsynchronized Inputs

Chao, Cheng-Kang; Singh, Karan; Gingold, Yotam
PosterChild: Blend-Aware Artistic Posterization

Luan, Fujun; Zhao, Shuang; Bala, Kavita; Dong, Zhao
Unified Shape and SVBRDF Recovery using Differentiable Monte Carlo Rendering

Schütz, Markus; Kerbl, Bernhard; Wimmer, Michael
Rendering Point Clouds with Compute Shaders and Vertex Order Optimization

Silvennoinen, Ari; Sloan, Peter-Pike
Moving Basis Decomposition for Precomputed Light Transport

Weier, Philippe; Droske, Marc; Hanika, Johannes; Weidlich, Andrea; Vorba, Jirí
Optimised Path Space Regularisation

d'Eon, Eugene
An Analytic BRDF for Materials with Spherical Lambertian Scatterers

Benamira, Alexis; Pattanaik, Sumanta
A Combined Scattering and Diffraction Model for Elliptical Hair Rendering

Han, Fangzhou; Wang, Can; Du, Hao; Liao, Jing
Deep Portrait Lighting Enhancement with 3D Guidance