Eurographics Symposium on Rendering - Experimental Ideas & Implementations 2016

Elmar Eisemann; Eugene Fiume
SR Experimental Ideas and Implementations 2016: Frontmatter

Kim, Jaewon; Izadi, Shahram; Ghosh, Abhijeet
Single-shot Layered Reflectance Separation Using a Polarized Light Field Camera

Wang, Lili; Zhao, Qi; Meng, Chunlei; Popescu, Voicu
4D-rasterization for Fast Soft Shadow Rendering

Zubiaga, Carlos Jorge; Guennebaud, Gael; Vergne, Romain; Barla, Pascal
Local Shape Editing at the Compositing Stage

Murray, David; Baril, Jerome; Granier, Xavier
Shape Depiction for Transparent Objects with Bucketed k-Buffer

Selgrad, Kai; Müller, Jonas; Reintges, Christian; Stamminger, Marc
Fast Shadow Map Rendering for Many-Lights Settings

Wang, Beibei; Bowles, How
A Robust and Flexible Real-Time Sparkle Effect

Dupuy, Jonathan; Heitz, Eric; d'Eon, Eugene
Additional Progress Towards the Unification of Microfacet and Microflake Theories

Ergun, Serkan; Önel, Sermet; Ozturk, Aydin
A General Micro-flake Model for Predicting the Appearance of Car Paint

Mora, Frédéric; Gerhards, Julien; Aveneau, Lilian; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Deep Partitioned Shadow Volumes Using Stackless and Hybrid Traversals

Gribble, Christiaan
Node Culling Multi-Hit BVH Traversal

Koerner, David; Novak, Jan; Kutz, Peter; Habel, Ralf; Jarosz, Wojciech
Subdivision Next-Event Estimation for Path-Traced Subsurface Scattering

Mojzík, Michal; Skřivan, Tomáš; Wilkie, Alexander; Křivánek, Jaroslav
Bi-Directional Polarised Light Transport

Wang, Beibei; Gascuel, Jean-Dominique; Holzschuch, Nicolas
Point-Based Light Transport for Participating Media with Refractive Boundaries