Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling 2019

Klein, Reinhard; Rushmeier, Holly
MAM 2019: Frontmatter

Peters, Christoph; Merzbach, Sebastian; Hanika, Johannes; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Spectral Rendering with the Bounded MESE and sRGB Data

Hoffman, Naty
Fresnel Equations Considered Harmful

Gerardin, Morgane; Holzschuch, Nicolas; Martinetto, Pauline
Rendering Transparent Materials with a Complex Refractive Index: Semi-conductor and Conductor Thin Layers

Bati, Mégane; Pacanowski, Romain; Barla, Pascal
Comparative Study of Layered Material Models

Cooper, Victoria L.; Bieron, James C.; Peers, Pieter
Estimating Homogeneous Data-driven BRDF Parameters from a Reflectance Map under Known Natural Lighting

Clausen, Olaf; Marroquim, Ricardo; Fuhrmann, Arnulph; Weigand, Holger
What is the Reddening Effect and does it really exist?

Filip, Jiří; Kolafová, Martina
On Visual Attractiveness of Anisotropic Effect Coatings

Mazlov, Ilya; Merzbach, Sebastian; Trunz, Elena; Klein, Reinhard
Neural Appearance Synthesis and Transfer