Computer Graphics Forum 1989 / CGF 8 - 4 

Arnold, David; de Ruiter, Behr

Bennis, Chakib; Gagalowicz, Andre
2-D Macroscopic Texture Synthesis

Herman, Ivan
On The Projective Invariant Representation of Conies in Computer Graphics

Kuijk, AAM.; Blake, E.H.
Faster Phong Shading via Angular Interpolation

Thomas, D.; Netravali, Arun N.; Fox, D.S.
Anti-aliased Ray Tracing with Covers

Patel, Manjula
A Method for the Representation, Evaluation and Display of CSG Models in PHIGS and PHIGS+

Hegror, Gerard; Palamidese, Patrizia; Thalmann, Daniel
Motion Control in Animation, Simulation and Visualization*

Kjelldahl, Lars
Doctoral Theses in Computer Graphics

Book Reviews