Computer Graphics Forum 2019 / CGF 38 - 5 

Bommes, David; Huang, Hui
Symposium on Geometry Processing 2019 - CGF38-5: Frontmatter

Eisenberger, Marvin; Lähner, Zorah; Cremers, Daniel
Divergence-Free Shape Correspondence by Deformation

Azencot, Omri; Dubrovina, Anastasia; Guibas, Leonidas
Consistent Shape Matching via Coupled Optimization

Lee, Sing Chun; Kazhdan, Misha
Dense Point-to-Point Correspondences Between Genus-Zero Shapes

Ren, Jing; Panine, Mikhail; Wonka, Peter; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Structured Regularization of Functional Map Computations

Shoham‬‏, ‪Meged; Vaxman, Amir; Ben-Chen, Mirela
Hierarchical Functional Maps between Subdivision Surfaces

Yan, Zhipei; Schaefer, Scott
A Family of Barycentric Coordinates for Co-Dimension 1 Manifolds with Simplicial Facets

Ulu, Erva; McCann, Jim; Kara, Levent Burak
Structural Design Using Laplacian Shells

Lim, Isaak; Ibing, Moritz; Kobbelt, Leif
A Convolutional Decoder for Point Clouds using Adaptive Instance Normalization

Tu, Peihan; Lischinski, Dani; Huang, Hui
Point Pattern Synthesis via Irregular Convolution

Groueix, Thibault; Fisher, Matthew; Kim, Vladimir G.; Russel, Bryan C.; Aubry, Mathieu
Unsupervised Cycle-consistent Deformation for Shape Matching

Gao, Xifeng; Shen, Hanxiao; Panozzo, Daniele
Feature Preserving Octree-Based Hexahedral Meshing

Karciauskas, Kestutis; Peters, Jorg
High Quality Refinable G-splines for Locally Quad-dominant Meshes With T-gons

Jakob, Johannes; Buchenau, Christoph; Guthe, Michael
Parallel Globally Consistent Normal Orientation of Raw Unorganized Point Clouds

Hruda, Lukáš; Dvořák, Jan; Vasa, Libor
On Evaluating Consensus in RANSAC Surface Registration

Huang, Ruqi; Achlioptas, Panos; Guibas, Leonidas; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Limit Shapes - A Tool for Understanding Shape Differences and Variability in 3D Model Collections