Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2006 2006

Rødal, Samuel; Storli, Geir; Gundersen, Odd Erik
Physically Based Simulation and Visualization of Fire in Real-Time using the GPU

Sobottka, Gerrit; Weber, Andreas
Computing Static Electricity on Human Hair

Liu, J.; Turner, M.; Hewitt, W. T.; Perrin, J. S.
HyperStreamball Visualization for Symmetric Second Order Tensor Fields

Jepp, Pauline; Wyvill, Brian; Sousa, Mario Costa
Smarticles for Sampling and Rendering Implicit Models

Fredj, Z. Ben; Duce, D. A.
GraSSML: Smart Schematic Diagrams, XML and Accessibility

Öztürk, Aydin; Bilgili, Ahmet; Kurt, Murat
Polynomial Approximation of Blinn-Phong Model

Ha, Hai Nam; Olivier, Patrick
Perception-based Lighting Design

Boulanger, Kevin; Bouatouch, Kadi; Pattanaik, Sumanta
ATIP: A Tool for 3D Navigation inside a Single Image with Automatic Camera Calibration

Kovalcík, Vit; Sochor, Jiri
Fast Rendering of Complex Dynamic Scenes

Sayeed, Rezwan; Howard, Toby
State of the Art Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) Techniques

Feng, Yan; Chen, Yimin
Augmented Reality with Multilayer Occlusion

Condell, J.; Moore, G.; Moore, J.
Hand Motion Capture and Tracking in 3D Animation

Bristol, Amanda; Varsamidis, Thomas
Real-Time Modelling of the Action of Wind on Liquid Surfaces

Madera, F. A.; Day, A. M.; Laycock, S. D.
Collision Detection for Deformable Objects using Octrees

Koo, Sang Ok; Jang, Hyun Gyu; Won, Kwang Hee; Jung, Soon Ki
Automatic Stroke Extraction and Stroke Ordering Based on TrueType Font

Aranha, M.; Debattista, K.; Chalmers, A.; Hill, S.
Perceived Rendering Thresholds for High-Fidelity Graphics on Small Screen Devices

Fedorkiw, J.; Smith, C.; Ghali, S.
Out of core Polyhedral Union and its Application to Interactive Shadow Rendering

Yang, X.; Debattista, K.; Chalmers, A.
Structured Image Techniques for Efficient High-Fidelity Graphics

Zheng, Wentao; Liu, Zhiyu; Sun, Zhengxing
Curvature-Based Segmentation for Sketch Understanding

Thomas, Rhys G.; John, Nigel W.; Lim, Ik Soo
A Mixed Reality Anatomy Teaching Tool

Graham, Andrew D.; Turner, Martin J.; Hewitt, Terry
An Interactive Multiscale Framework for Enhancement and Visualization of 2D and 3D Image Data

Middleton, M.; Yue, Y.
Visualisation of DNA - Does the Soul Have a Picture?

Yue, Y.; Middleton, M.; Liu, J.
Visual Analysis of Packing Process for 3D Container

Rosiuta, A.; Reina, G.; Ertl, T.
Flexible Interaction with Large Point-Based Datasets

Gatzoulis, C.; Tang, W.; Stoddart, W. J.
Evolving Body Kinematics for Virtual Characters

Noble, Paul; Tang, Wen
Expressive and Dynamic Deformation of Animated Computer-Generated Characters