Computer Graphics Forum 1998 / CGF 17 - 4 

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Coquillart, Sabine; Seidel, Hans-Peter

Holzschuch, Nicolas; Sillion, Francois
An Exhaustive Error-Bounding Algorithm for Hierarchical Radiosity

Duce, D. A.; Giorgetti, D.; Cooper, C. S.; Gallop, J. R.; Johnson, I. J.; Robinson, K.; Seelig, C. D.
Reference Models for Distributed Cooperative Visualization

Neumann, Laszlo; Matkovic, Kresimir; Neumann, Attila; Purgathofer, Werner
Incident Light Metering in Computer Graphics

Duke, D. J.; Herman, I.
Programming Paradigms in an Object-Oriented Multimedia Standard

Brun, L.; Secroun, C.
A Fast Algorithm for Inverse Colormap Computation

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