Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling 2017

Portenier, Tiziano; Hu, Qiyang; Favaro, Paolo; Zwicker, Matthias
SmartSketcher: Sketch-based Image Retrieval with Dynamic Semantic Reranking

Keshavabhotla, Swarna; Williford, Blake; Kumar, Shalini; Hilton, Ethan; Taele, Paul; Li, Wayne; Linsey, Julie; Hammond, Tracy
Conquering the Cube: Learning to Sketch Primitives in Perspective with an Intelligent Tutoring System

Herrera-Camara, Jorge-Ivan; Hammond, Tracy
Flow2Code: From Hand-drawn Flowcharts to Code Execution

McGraw, Tim; Garcia, Esteban; Sumner, Drew
Interactive swept surface modeling in virtual reality with motion-tracked controllers

Arenas, Irene de la Torre -; Cruz, Pedro
A taxonomy of motion applications in data visualization

Castaneda, Saif; Akleman, Ergun
Shading with Painterly Filtered Layers: A Technique to Obtain Painterly Portrait Animations

Lai, Chun-An; Chiang, Pei-Ying
Modeling Go: A mobile sketch-based modeling system for extracting objects

Altıok, Ozan Can; Sezgin, Tev k Metin
Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces

Parakkat, Amal Dev; Joshi, Sarang Anil; Pundarikaksha, Uday Bondi; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan
Sketch and Shade : An interactive assistant for sketching and shading

Holger Winnemoeller; Lyn Bartram
Front- and Backmatter: SBIM 2017