Eurographics 2020 - Short Papers 2020

Wilkie, Alexander; Banterle, Francesco
EUROGRAPHICS 2020: Short Papers Frontmatter

Tiwary, Ankur; Ramanathan, Muthuganapathy; Kosinka, Jiri
Accelerated Foveated Rendering based on Adaptive Tessellation

Waldemarson, Gustaf; Doggett, Michael
Photon Mapping Superluminal Particles

Rojo, Irene Baeza; Gross, Markus; Günther, Tobias
Controllable Caustic Animation Using Vector Fields

Molenaar, Mathijs; Eisemann, Elmar
Conservative Ray Batching using Geometry Proxies

Hajisharif, Saghi; Miandji, Ehsan; Baravadish, Gabriel; Larsson, Per; Unger, Jonas
Compression and Real-Time Rendering of Inward Looking Spherical Light Fields

Fridvalszky, András; Tóth, Balázs
Multisample Anti-aliasing in Deferred Rendering

Murray, David; Benzait, Sofiane; Pacanowski, Romain; Granier, Xavier
On Learning the Best Local Balancing Strategy

Vidal, Vincent; Lombardi, Eric; Tola, Martial; Dupont, Florent; Lavoué, Guillaume
MEPP2: A Generic Platform for Processing 3D Meshes and Point Clouds

Bán, Róbert; Valasek, Gábor
First Order Signed Distance Fields

Yoshiyasu, Yusuke; Gamez, Lucas
Learning Body Shape and Pose from Dense Correspondences

Kleineberg, Marian; Fey, Matthias; Weichert, Frank
Adversarial Generation of Continuous Implicit Shape Representations

Tereshin, Alexander; Anderson, Eike; Pasko, Alexander; Adzhiev, Valery
Space-Time Blending for Heterogeneous Objects

Christen, Fabienne; Kim, Byungsoo; Azevedo, Vinicius C.; Solenthaler, Barbara
Neural Smoke Stylization with Color Transfer

Weiss, Sebastian; Bayer, Florian; Westermann, Rüdiger
Triplanar Displacement Mapping for Terrain Rendering

Volkmann, Diego V.; Walter, Marcelo
A Practical Male Hair Aging Model

Kang, Jiwoo; Lee, Seongmin; Lee, Sanghoon
UV Completion with Self-referenced Discrimination

Biland, Simon; Azevedo, Vinicius C.; Kim, Byungsoo; Solenthaler, Barbara
Frequency-Aware Reconstruction of Fluid Simulations with Generative Networks

Li, Xi-zhi; Weller, René; Zachmann, Gabriel
Procedural 3D Asteroid Surface Detail Synthesis

Nylén, Oskar; Pall, Pontus; Ishiwaka, Yuko; Suda, Kazuto; Fratarcangeli, Marco
Interactive Assembly and Animation of 3D Digital Garments

Pham, Vung; Dang, Tommy
ScagnosticsJS: Extended Scatterplot Visual Features for the Web

Akita, Kenta; Morimoto, Yuki; Tsuruno, Reiji
Deep-Eyes: Fully Automatic Anime Character Colorization with Painting of Details on Empty Pupils

Parakkat, Amal Dev; Madipally, Prudhviraj; Gowtham, Hari Hara; Cani, Marie-Paule
Interactive Flat Coloring of Minimalist Neat Sketches

Nicolet, Baptiste; Ecormier-Nocca, Pierre; Memari, Pooran; Cani, Marie-Paule
Pair Correlation Functions with Free-Form Boundaries for Distribution Inpainting and Decomposition

Bolte, Fabian; Bruckner, Stefan
Organic Narrative Charts