Balsa Rodríguez, Marcos
Scalable Exploration of Highly Detailed and Annotated 3D Models

Georgiev, Iliyan
Path Sampling Techniques for Efficient Light Transport Simulation

Leizea, Ibai
Development and Improvement of Optical Tracking Methods towards Registering the Deformations of 3D Non- Rigid Bodies in Real Time for Augmented Reality Applications

Grosse-Puppendahl, Tobias
Capacitive Sensing and Communication for Ubiquitous Interaction and Environmental Perception

Guay, Martin
Sketching free-form poses and movements for expressive character animation

Martín-SanJosé, Juan-Fernando
Using natural user interfaces to support learning environments

Averkiou, Melinos
Data-driven Modelling of Shape Structure

Steiger, Martin
Supporting Management of Sensor Networks through Interactive Visual Analysis

Iarussi, Emmanuel
Computer Drawing Tools for Assisting Learners, Hobbyists, and Professionals

Wu, Jun
Interactive Virtual Cutting of Elastically Deformable Bodies

Franke, Tobias Alexander
The Delta Radiance Field

Nguyen, Chuong H.
Data-driven Approaches for Interactive Appearance Editing

Bouaziz, Sofien
Realtime Face Tracking and Animation

Singh, Gurprit
Sampling and Variance Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration in Spherical Domain

Diamanti, Olga
Algorithms for User-Guided Surface Mappings

Kim, Changil
3D Reconstruction and Rendering from High Resolution Light Fields

Thomas, Auzinger
Sampled and Prefiltered Anti-Aliasing on Parallel Hardware

Bus, Norbert
The Use of Geometric Structures in Graphics and Optimization

Gilardi, Marco
A Framework for Local Terrain Deformation Based on Diffusion Theory

Fuhrmann, Simon
Scene Reconstruction from Multi-Scale Input Data

Mindek, Peter
Interactive Integrated Exploration and Management of Visualization Parameters

Jorgensen, Carl-Johan
Scheduling activities under spatial and temporal constraints to populate virtual urban environments

Martinez-Gil, Francisco
Reinforcement learning in a Multi-agent Framework for Pedestrian Simulation

Elhayek, Ahmed
Marker-less Motion Capture in General Scenes with Sparse Multi-camera Setups

Wang, Zhongjie
Pattern Search for the Visualization of Scalar, Vector, and Line Fields

Bernard, Jürgen
Exploratory Search in Time-Oriented Primary Data

Samadzadegan, Sepideh
Printing Beyond Color: Spectral and Specular Reproduction

Weber, Daniel
Interactive Physically Based Simulation — Efficient Higher-Order Elements, Multigrid Approaches and Massively Parallel Data Structures

Joel, Kronander
Physically based rendering of synthetic objects in real environments

Bermano, Amit Haim
Geometric Methods for Realistic Animation of Faces

Jarabo, Adrián
Plenoptic Light Transport

Lawonn, Kai
Illustrative Visualization of Medical Data Sets