CGEMS - Computer Graphics Educational Materials 2011

Foster, Shaun; Janowski, Robert
The Corkscrew: An Intermediate Polygon Modeling Tutorial using Autodesk Maya

Ribelles, Jose; Lopez, Angeles
A Self-Training Tool for Learning 3D Geometrical Transformations

Hunkins, Dalton
Computer Graphics: An Interactive Introduction with OpenGL

Brutzman, Don
X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors

Wagner, Daniel; Schmalstieg, Dieter; Kainz, Bernhard
Realtime 3D Graphics Programming Using the Quake3 Engine

Bernar, Carlos; Torrents, Joaquin
Teaching CGI Through Real Hands-On Experience

Stahl, David
Parametric Polynomial Curves

Stahl, David
A Lab Exercise for Rasterizing Lines

Flaxman, Tereza
Survey of Industry Perspectives on 3D Computer Animation Education

Kuehl, Bjoern; Blom, Kristopher J.; Beckhaus, Steffi
ShadowGui – An Interactive Shadow Tutorial

Stahl, David
A Lab Exercise for 2D Line Clipping

Orr, Genevieve; Alley, Tony; Laxer, Cary; Geigel, Joe; Gold, Susan
A Knowledge Base for the Emerging Discipline of Computer Graphics

Hanisch, Frank
Signal Convolution

Reimers, Ulf; Beckhaus, Steffi; Thiesen, Malte
ShaderSchool – A tutorial for shader programming

McDonald, Gerard

McDonald, John
Rotation About an Arbitrary Axis

Paquette, Eric; Barré-Brisebois, Colin; Barras, Jean-François; Bois, Frank Sébastien; Ghaouat, Mohammed El
Labs and Framework for 2D Content Manipulation

Hanisch, Frank
Marching Square