Computer Graphics Forum 2018 / CGF 37 - 5 

Ju, Tao; Vaxman, Amir
Frontmatter: Symposium on Geometry Processing 2018

Gehre, Anne; Bronstein, Michael M.; Kobbelt, Leif; Solomon, Justin
Interactive Curve Constrained Functional Maps

Poulenard, Adrien; Skraba, Primoz; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Topological Function Optimization for Continuous Shape Matching

Wang, Larry; Gehre, Anne; Bronstein, Michael M.; Solomon, Justin
Kernel Functional Maps

Chen, Renjie; Gotsman, Craig; Hormann, Kai
Efficient Path Generation with Reduced Coordinates

Ma, Yuexin; Chen, Zhonggui; Hu, Wenchao; Wang, Wenping
Packing Irregular Objects in 3D Space via Hybrid Optimization

Vasa, Libor; Dvořák, Jan
Error Propagation Control in Laplacian Mesh Compression

Sung, Minhyuk; Dubrovina, Anastasia; Kim, Vladimir G.; Guibas, Leonidas J.
Learning Fuzzy Set Representations of Partial Shapes on Dual Embedding Spaces

Giachetti, Andrea
Effective Characterization of Relief Patterns

Ye, Zi; Diamanti, Olga; Tang, Chengcheng; Guibas, Leonidas J.; Hoffmann, Tim
A Unified Discrete Framework for Intrinsic and Extrinsic Dirac Operators for Geometry Processing

Azencot, Omri; Vantzos, Orestis; Ben-Chen, Mirela
An Explicit Structure-preserving Numerical Scheme for EPDiff

Nasikun, Ahmad; Brandt, Christopher; Hildebrandt, Klaus
Fast Approximation of Laplace-Beltrami Eigenproblems

Bukenberger, Dennis R.; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
Hierarchical Quad Meshing of 3D Scanned Surfaces

Huang, Jingwei; Zhou, Yichao; Niessner, Matthias; Shewchuk, Jonathan Richard; Guibas, Leonidas J.
QuadriFlow: A Scalable and Robust Method for Quadrangulation

Ni, Saifeng; Zhong, Zichun; Huang, Jin; Wang, Wenping; Guo, Xiaohu
Field-Aligned and Lattice-Guided Tetrahedral Meshing

Heeren, Behrend; Zhang, Chao; Rumpf, Martin; Smith, William
Principal Geodesic Analysis in the Space of Discrete Shells

Wang, Guan; Laga, Hamid; Jia, Jinyuan; Xie, Ning; Tabia, Hedi
Statistical Modeling of the 3D Geometry and Topology of Botanical Trees

Ganapathi-Subramanian, Vignesh; Diamanti, Olga; Guibas, Leonidas J.
Modular Latent Spaces for Shape Correspondences

Baden, Alex; Crane, Keenan; Kazhdan, Misha
Möbius Registration

Wu, Qiaoyun; Xu, Kai; Wang, Jun
Constructing 3D CSG Models from 3D Raw Point Clouds

Comino Trinidad, Marc; Andujar, Carlos; Chica, Antonio; Brunet, Pere
Sensor-aware Normal Estimation for Point Clouds from 3D Range Scans