Volume Graphics 2001

Rodgman, David; Chen, Min
Refraction in Discrete Ray Tracing

Kim, Kwansik; Wittenbrink, Craig M.; Pang, Alex
Data Level Comparison of Surface Classification and Gradient Filters

Nulkar, Manjushree; Mueller, Klaus
Splatting With Shadows

Jankun-Kelly, T.J.; Ma, Kwan-Liu
A Study of Transfer Function Generation for Time-Varying Volume Data

Fujishiro, Issei; Aoki, Etsuko
Volume Graphics Modeling of Ice Thawing

Slabaugh, Greg; Culbertson, Bruce; Malzbender, Tom; Schafer, Ron
A Survey of Methods for Volumetric Scene Reconstruction from Photographs

Jianwen, Zhou; Feng, Lin; Soon, Seah Hock
A Volume Modeling Component of CAD

Baerentzen, A.; Christensen, N. J.
A Technique for Volumetric CSG based on Morphology

Winter, Andrew S.; Chen, Min
vlib: A Volume Graphics API

Meißner, M.; Doggett, M.; Hirche, J.; Kanus, U.
Efficient Space Leaping for Ray casting Architectures

King, Davis; Wittenbrink, Craig M.; Wolters, Hans J.
An Architecture For Interactive Tetrahedral Volume Rendering

Farias, Ricardo; Silva, Claudio T.
Parallelizing the ZSWEEP Algorithm for Distributed-Shared Memory Architectures

Satherley, Richard; Jones, Mark W.
Hybrid Distance Field Computation

Tost, Dani; Puig, Anna
Visualization of Labeled Segments Cross-Contour Surfaces

Kraus, Martin; Ertl, Thomas
Topology-Guided Downsampling

Duan, Ye; Qin, Hong
Extracting Boundary Surface of Arbitrary Topology from Volumetric Datasets

Whitaker, Ross; Breen, David; Museth, Ken; Soni, Neha
Segmentation of Biological Volume Datasets Using a Level-Set Framework

Sramek, Milos; Dimitrov, Leonid I.; Bærentzen, J. Andreas
Correction of Voxelization Artifacts by Revoxelization

Chen, Baoquan; Kaufman, Arie; Tang, Qingyu
Image-Based Rendering of Surfaces from Volume Data

Qin, Jiafa; MingWan,; Qu, Huamin; Kaufman, Arie
Accelerating Voxel-Based Terrain Rendering with Keyframe-Free Image-Based Rendering

Schussman, Greg; Max, Nelson
Hierarchical Perspective Volume Rendering Using Triangle Fans

Chen, Baoquan; Kaufman, Arie
Two-Pass Image and Volume Rotation

Fei, Tan Toh; Prakash, Edmond Cyril
Volume Visualization of Payoff Regions for Derivatives Risk Management

Karangelis, Grigorios; Zamboglou, Nikolaos; Baltas, Dimos; Sakas, Georgios
EXOMIO: A 3D Simulator for External Beam Radiotherapy

Li, Wei; Kaufman, Arie; Kreeger, Kevin
Real-Time Volume Rendering for Virtual ColonoscopyS

Meißner, Michael; Bartz, Dirk
Translucent and Opaque Direct Volume Rendering for Virtual Endoscopy Applications

Manssour, Isabel; Furuie, Sergio; Nedel, Luciana; Freitas, Carla
A Framework to Visualize and Interact with Multimodal Medical Images