EG 1988-Technical Papers 1988

Mumford, Anne M.
Application Profiles for Computer Graphics Standards - A Touch of Realism

Gorog, Jenö; Krammer, Gergely; Vincze, Arpad
IXPHIGS: A Portable Implementation of the International PHIGS Standard

Clifford Jr., William H.; McConnell, John I.; Saltz, Jeffrey S.
The Development of PHEX, a 3D Graphics Extension to X11

Stößer, Achim; Schmitt, Alfred; Neidecker, Burkhard; Müller, Heinrich; Maus, Thomas; Leister, Wolfgang
Tools for Efficient Photo-Realistic Computer Animation

Pintado, Xavier; Fiume, Eugene
Grafields: Field-Directed Dynamic Splines for Interactive Motion Control

Magnenat-Thalmann, N.; Thalmann, D.
Construction and Animation of a Synthetic Actress

Pham, Binh
Conic Beta-Splines with Local Tension Control for Interactive Curve Fitting

Higashi, Masatake; Kaneko, Kohji; Hosaka, Mamoru
Generation of High-Quality Curve and Surface with Smoothly Varying Curvature

Seidel, Hans-Peter
Automatic Detection of Closed Parametric Surfaces without Interior

Tang, Zesheng; Lu, Shengkai
A New Algorithm for Converting Boundary Representation to Octree

Diehl, Rabanus
Conversion of Boundary Representations to Bintrees

Juan, R.
Boundary to Constructive Solid Geometry: A Step Towards 3D Conversion

Baumann, Peter
A Formal Specification of a Boundary Representation

Pineda, Luis A.
A Compositional Semantics for Graphics

Takala, Tapio
METAVIEWS: A Process-Oriented Approach to CAD and Graphics

Cugini, U.; Folini, F.; Vicini, I.
A Procedural System for the Definition and Storage of Technical Drawings in Parametric Form

Li, Jiarong
Using Algebraic Constraints in Interactive Text and Graphics Editing

Colin, Christian
Towards a System for Exploring the Universe of Polyhedral Shapes

Martin, Philippe; Martin, Dominique
An Expert System for Polyhedra Modelling

Van Emmerik , Maarten J.G.M.
A System for Graphical Interaction on Parametrized Models

Priol, Thierry; Bouatouch, Kadi
Experimenting with a Parallel Ray-Tracing Algorithm on a Hypercube Machine

Alt, Paul; Cordonnier, Vincent
A Evalution of Some Three-Color Tiling Patterns

Winser, Paul; Bonnet, Thierry; Dumont, Dominique; Mathieu, Yves
Architectures for Mass Market 3D Displays

Anjyo, Ken-ichi
A Simple Spectral Approach to Stochastic Modelling for Natural Objects

Levy-Vehel, J.; Gagalowicz, A.
Fractal Approximation of 2-D Object

Gagalowicz, Andre; Ma, Song D.
Animation of Stochastic Model-Based 3-D Textures

Lienhardt, Pascal
Free-Form Surfaces Modeling by Evolution Simulation

Liang, Youdong; Ye, Xiuzi; Fang, Shiaofen
G1 Smoothing Solid Objects by Bicubic Bezier Patches

Clay, Reed D.; Moreton, Henry P.
Efficient Adaptive Subdivision of Bezier Surfaces

Hütter, Ronald
An Object-Oriented Approach to Process Monitoring

Slater, Mel; Davison, Allan; Smith, Mark
Liberation from Rectangles: A Tiling Method for Dynamic Modification of Objects on Raster Displays

Hersch, R. D.
Outline Phase Control for Character Rasterization

Burkert, Andreas; Noll, Stefan
Fast Algorithm for Polygon Clipping with 3D Windows

De Ma, Song; Lin, Hong
Optimal Texture Mapping

Hofmann, Georg Rainer
The Calculus of the Non-Exact Perspective Projection - Scene-Shifting for Computer Animation

Cros, Frederic; Brock, Philip J.
A Method for Providing Full Interactive Control of the Shape of 3-D Curves and Surfaces

Badouel, Didier; Hegron, Gerard
An Evaluation of CSG Trees Based on Polyhedral Solids

Cottingham, Marion S.
Pseudo Ordering of CSG-Trees

Bouville, C.; Dubois, J.L.; Marchal, I.; Viaud, M.L.
Monte-Carlo Integration Applied to an Illumination Model

Shao, Ping-Pine; Peng, Qun-Sheng; Liang, You-Done
Form-Factors for General Environments