Computer Graphics Forum 2020 / CGF 39 - 6 

Issue Information

Karer, B.; Scheler, I.; Hagen, H.; Leitte, H.
ConceptGraph: A Formal Model for Interpretation and Reasoning During Visual Analysis

Corda, F.; Thiery, J. M.; Livesu, M.; Puppo, E.; Boubekeur, T.; Scateni, R.
Real‐Time Deformation with Coupled Cages and Skeletons

Nguyen, F.; Qiao, X.; Heer, J.; Hullman, J.
Exploring the Effects of Aggregation Choices on Untrained Visualization Users' Generalizations From Data

Liu, Songrun; Tan, Jianchao; Deng, Zhigang; Gingold, Yotam
Hyperspectral Inverse Skinning

Gong, Xun; Li, Xin; Li, Tianrui; Liang, Yongqing
A Discriminative Multi‐Channel Facial Shape (MCFS) Representation and Feature Extraction for 3D Human Faces

Khulusi, R.; Kusnick, J.; Meinecke, C.; Gillmann, C.; Focht, J.; Jänicke, S.
A Survey on Visualizations for Musical Data

Hu, Hailong; Li, Zhong; Jin, Xiaogang; Deng, Zhigang; Chen, Minhong; Shen, Yi
Curve Skeleton Extraction From 3D Point Clouds Through Hybrid Feature Point Shifting and Clustering

Mueller‐Roemer, J. S.; Stork, A.; Fellner, D.
Analysis of Schedule and Layout Tuning for Sparse Matrices With Compound Entries on GPUs

Wang, Beibei; Deng, Hong; Holzschuch, Nicolas
Real‐Time Glints Rendering With Pre‐Filtered Discrete Stochastic Microfacets

Bethe, F.; Jendersie, J.; Grosch, T.
Preserving Shadow Silhouettes in Illumination‐Driven Mesh Reduction

Golla, Tim; Kneiphof, Tom; Kuhlmann, Heiner; Weinmann, Michael; Klein, Reinhard
Temporal Upsampling of Point Cloud Sequences by Optimal Transport for Plant Growth Visualization

Gao, Yang; Zhang, Quancheng; Li, Shuai; Hao, Aimin; Qin, Hong
Accelerating Liquid Simulation With an Improved Data‐Driven Method

Huo, Y.C.; Jin, S.H.; Liu, T.; Hua, W.; Wang, R.; Bao, H.J.
Spherical Gaussian‐based Lightcuts for Glossy Interreflections

Sun, Zhiyu; Rooke, Ethan; Charton, Jerome; He, Yusen; Lu, Jia; Baek, Stephen
ZerNet: Convolutional Neural Networks on Arbitrary Surfaces Via Zernike Local Tangent Space Estimation

Bajo, J. M.; Patow, G.; Delrieux, C. A.
Realistic Buoyancy Model for Real‐Time Applications

Tian, Yufeng; Li, Xin; Chen, Falai
Non‐Uniform Subdivision Surfaces with Sharp Features

Shimada, N. H.; Hachisuka, T.
Quantum Coin Method for Numerical Integration

Zhang, Yu‐Wei; Wang, Wenping; Chen, Yanzhao; Liu, Hui; Ji, Zhongping; Zhang, Caiming
From 2.5D Bas‐relief to 3D Portrait Model

Ceneda, Davide; Andrienko, Natalia; Andrienko, Gennady; Gschwandtner, Theresia; Miksch, Silvia; Piccolotto, Nikolaus; Schreck, Tobias; Streit, Marc; Suschnigg, Josef; Tominski, Christian
Guide Me in Analysis: A Framework for Guidance Designers

Martin‐Barrio, A.; Terrile, S.; Diaz‐Carrasco, M.; del Cerro, J.; Barrientos, A.
Modelling the Soft Robot Kyma Based on Real‐Time Finite Element Method

Fish, N.; Zhang, R.; Perry, L.; Cohen‐Or, D.; Shechtman, E.; Barnes, C.
Image Morphing With Perceptual Constraints and STN Alignment

Jang, Deok‐Kyeong; Lee, Sung‐Hee
Constructing Human Motion Manifold With Sequential Networks

Dahshan, M.; Polys, N. F.; Jayne, R. S.; Pollyea, R. M.
Making Sense of Scientific Simulation Ensembles With Semantic Interaction

A. Leite, Roger; Gschwandtner, Theresia; Miksch, Silvia; Gstrein, Erich; Kuntner, Johannes
NEVA: Visual Analytics to Identify Fraudulent Networks

Naitsat, Alexander; Zhu, Yufeng; Zeevi, Yehoshua Y.
Adaptive Block Coordinate Descent for Distortion Optimization

Aguerre, José Pedro; García‐Nevado, Elena; Acuña Paz y Miño, Jairo; Fernández, Eduardo; Beckers, Benoit
Physically Based Simulation and Rendering of Urban Thermography

Jönsson, Daniel; Bergström, Albin; Forsell, Camilla; Simon, Rozalyn; Engström, Maria; Walter, Susanna; Ynnerman, Anders; Hotz, Ingrid
VisualNeuro: A Hypothesis Formation and Reasoning Application for Multi‐Variate Brain Cohort Study Data

Mathur, Aman; Pirron, Marcus; Zufferey, Damien
Interactive Programming for Parametric CAD

Tsirikoglou, A.; Eilertsen, G.; Unger, J.
A Survey of Image Synthesis Methods for Visual Machine Learning

Furmanová, Katarína; Vávra, Ondřej; Kozlíková, Barbora; Damborský, Jiří; Vonásek, Vojtěch; Bednář, David; Byška, Jan
DockVis: Visual Analysis of Molecular Docking Trajectories

Maisch, Sebastian; Ropinski, Timo
Interactive Subsurface Scattering for Materials With High Scattering Distances

Ha, Hyunho; Baek, Seung‐Hwan; Nam, Giljoo; Kim, Min H.
Progressive Acquisition of SVBRDF and Shape in Motion

de Hoon, N. H. L. C.; Jalba, A.C.; Farag, E.S.; van Ooij, P.; Nederveen, A.J.; Eisemann, E.; Vilanova, A.
Data Assimilation for Full 4D PC‐MRI Measurements: Physics‐Based Denoising and Interpolation

Romeo, M.; Schvartzman, S. C.
Data‐Driven Facial Simulation

Winchenbach, R.; Kolb, A.
Multi‐Level Memory Structures for Simulating and Rendering Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Grogorick, Steve; Tauscher, Jan‐Philipp; Heesen, Nikkel; Castillo, Susana; Magnor, Marcus
Stereo Inverse Brightness Modulation for Guidance in Dynamic Panorama Videos in Virtual Reality