2010 / CGF 29 - 2 

Frontmatter EG 2010

Liang, Chia-Kai; Chen, Wei-Chao; Gelfand, Natasha
TouchTone: Interactive Local Image Adjustment Using Point-and-Swipe

An, Xiaobo; Pellacini, Fabio
User-Controllable Color Transfer

Li, Hua; Mould, David
Contrast-aware Halftoning

Gourmel, Olivier; Pajot, Anthony; Paulin, Mathias; Barthe, Loic; Poulin, Pierre
Fitted BVH for Fast Raytracing of Metaballs

Garanzha, Kirill; Loop, Charles
Fast Ray Sorting and Breadth-First Packet Traversal for GPU Ray Tracing

Kim, Tae-Joon; Byun, Yongyoung; Kim, Yongjin; Moon, Bochang; Lee, Seungyong; Yoon, Sung-Eui
HCCMeshes: Hierarchical-Culling oriented Compact Meshes

Winkler, T.; Drieseberg, J.; Alexa, M.; Hormann, K.
Multi-Scale Geometry Interpolation

Zhou, Kun; Xu, Weiwei; Tong, Yiying; Desbrun, Mathieu
Deformation Transfer to Multi-Component Objects

Kavan, L.; Sloan, P.-P.; O Sullivan, C.
Fast and Efficient Skinning of Animated Meshes

Ueffinger, Markus; Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas
Interactive High-Quality Visualization of Higher-Order Finite Elements

Otto, Mathias; Germer, Tobias; Hege, Hans-Christian; Theisel, Holger
Uncertain 2D Vector Field Topology

Jaenicke, H.; Borgo, R.; Mason, J. S. D.; Chen, M.
SoundRiver: Semantically-Rich Sound Illustration

Bernhardt, Adrien; Barthe, Loic; Cani, Marie-Paule; Wyvill, Brian
Implicit Blending Revisited

Manson, Josiah; Schaefer, Scott
Isosurfaces Over Simplicial Partitions of Multiresolution Grids

Sheng, Yu; Yapo, Theodore C.; Cutler, Barbara
Global Illumination Compensation for Spatially Augmented Reality

Campen, Marcel; Kobbelt, Leif
Exact and Robust (Self-)Intersections for Polygonal Meshes

Tarini, Marco; Pietroni, Nico; Cignoni, Paolo; Panozzo, Daniele; Puppo, Enrico
Practical quad mesh simplification

Lauterbach, C.; Mo, Q.; Manocha, D.
gProximity: Hierarchical GPU-based Operations for Collision and Distance Queries

Galin, E.; Peytavie, A.; Marechal, N.; Guerin, E.
Procedural Generation of Roads

Sewall, J.; Wilkie, D.; Merrell, P.; Lin, M. C.
Continuum Traffic Simulation

Marechal, N.; Guerin, E.; Galin, E.; Merillou, S.; Merillou, N.
Heat Transfer Simulation for Modeling Realistic Winter Sceneries

Goferman, Stas; Tal, Ayellet; Zelnik-Manor, Lihi
Puzzle-like Collage

Liu, Ligang; Chen, Renjie; Wolf, Lior; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Optimizing Photo Composition

Gal, Ran; Wexler, Yonatan; Ofek, Eyal; Hoppe, Hugues; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Seamless Montage for Texturing Models

Bruneton, Eric; Neyret, Fabrice; Holzschuch, Nicolas
Real-time Realistic Ocean Lighting using Seamless Transitions from Geometry to BRDF

Wang, Yajun; Wang, Jiaping; Holzschuch, Nicolas; Subr, Kartic; Yong, Jun-Hai; Guo, Baining
Real-time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Objects with Arbitrary Shapes

Oh, Se Baek; Kashyap, Sriram; Garg, Rohit; Chandran, Sharat; Raskar, Ramesh
Rendering Wave Effects with Augmented Light Field

Zhang, Juyong; Wu, Chunlin; Cai, Jianfei; Zheng, Jianmin; Tai, Xue-cheng
Mesh Snapping: Robust Interactive Mesh Cutting Using Fast Geodesic Curvature Flow

Zheng, Youyi; Tai, Chiew-Lan
Mesh Decomposition with Cross-Boundary Brushes

Hong, Q Youn; Park, Sang Il; Hodgins, Jessica K.
A Data-driven Segmentation for the Shoulder Complex

Ren, Cheng; Zhao, Liming; Safonova, Alla
Human Motion Synthesis with Optimization-based Graphs

Ye, Yuting; Liu, C. Karen
Synthesis of Responsive Motion Using a Dynamic Model

Lo, Wan-Yen; Zwicker, Matthias
Bidirectional Search for Interactive Motion Synthesis

Gastal, Eduardo S. L.; Oliveira, Manuel M.
Shared Sampling for Real-Time Alpha Matting

Germann, Marcel; Hornung, Alexander; Keiser, Richard; Ziegler, Remo; Wuermlin, Stephan; Gross, Markus
Articulated Billboards for Video-based Rendering

Assa, J.; Wolf, L.; Cohen-Or, D.
The Virtual Director: a Correlation-Based Online Viewing of Human Motion

Whited, Brian; Noris, Gioacchino; Simmons, Maryann; Sumner, Robert W.; Gross, Markus; Rossignac, Jarek
BetweenIT: An Interactive Tool for Tight Inbetweening

Sykora, D.; Sedlacek, D.; Jinchao, S.; Dingliana, J.; Collins, S.
Adding Depth to Cartoons Using Sparse Depth (In)equalities

Xue, Su; Chen, Xuejin; Dorsey, Julie; Rushmeier, Holly
Printed Patterns for Enhanced Shape Perception of Papercraft Models

Zheng, Q.; Sharf, A.; Tagliasacchi, A.; Chen, B.; Zhang, H.; Sheffer, A.; Cohen-Or, D.
Consensus Skeleton for Non-rigid Space-time Registration

Kin-Chung Au, Oscar; Tai, Chiew-Lan; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Zheng, Youyi; Fu, Hongbo
Electors Voting for Fast Automatic Shape Correspondence

Baran, Ilya; Lehtinen, Jaakko; Popovic, Jovan
Sketching Clothoid Splines Using Shortest Paths

St ava, O.; Benes, B.; Mech, R.; Aliaga, D. G.; Kristof, P.
Inverse Procedural Modeling by Automatic Generation of L-systems

Shin, Seung-Ho; Kam, Hyeong Ryeol; Kim, Chang-Hun
Hybrid Simulation of Miscible Mixing with Viscous Fingering

Kang, Nahyup; Park, Jinho; Noh, Junyong; Shin, Sung Yong
A Hybrid Approach to Multiple Fluid Simulation using Volume Fractions

Batty, Christopher; Xenos, Stefan; Houston, Ben
Tetrahedral Embedded Boundary Methods for Accurate and Flexible Adaptive Fluids

Nielsen, Michael B.; Christensen, Brian B.
Improved Variational Guiding of Smoke Animations

Didyk, Piotr; Eisemann, Elmar; Ritschel, Tobias; Myszkowski, Karol; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Perceptually-motivated Real-time Temporal Upsampling of 3D Content for High-refresh-rate Displays

Timonen, Ville; Westerholm, Jan
Scalable Height Field Self-Shadowing

Heinzle, Simon; Wolf, Johanna; Kanamori, Yoshihiro; Weyrich, Tim; Nishita, Tomoyuki; Gross, Markus
Motion Blur for EWA Surface Splatting

Pavic, Darko; Kobbelt, Leif
Two-Colored Pixels

Adams, Andrew; Baek, Jongmin; Davis, Myers Abraham
Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice

Agrawal, Amit; Veeraraghavan, Ashok; Raskar, Ramesh
Reinterpretable Imager: Towards Variable Post-Capture Space, Angle and Time Resolution in Photography